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Spell to Make Zac Efron Love Me

Zac Efron is sooo hot

Since I'm currently in love with Zac Efron I wanted to write a spell to make him love me. I haven't ever seen High School Musical, but I saw a short clip on YouTube and it looked a little dorky, but I did see Zac on Saturday Night Live and on several talk shows promoting his new movie, "17 Again", which I'd also like to see. He is soooo cute! Wow, he is gorgoeus! He is just a doll. What a beautiful face he has! His eyes... and his smile... He's definitely the new Brad Pitt, I think. I think he's even cuter than Brad. I never really had a thing for Brad though.

Ok, here's the spell...

Set up your altar with some of the following items and spend some time staring at each item and wishing Zac was yours.

  • One or more photos of Zac

  • A Zac doll

  • A photoshopped picture of you and Zac together

Other items you will need for the spell include:

  • A male-shaped candle (a tea-candle will do fine also and is much safer!)

  • Anointing oil

  • A rose quartz crystal

Take your Zac shaped candle (that would be your MALE shaped candle) or your tea candle.
Inscribe the words "ZAC LOVES (your name)" into the candle with your Exacto Knife or whatever you use for inscribing candles. If you are using a tea candle, just write it on a piece of paper instead.
With your finger, dab oil across the carving. (With a tea candle, just drop a drop of oil on top of the candle.)

Hold your rose quartz crystal in your hand.

Now walk or dance in circles, deosil/clockwise, around the altar (or just walk in the center of the room if your altar is against the wall).

While walking/dancing, chant the following at least three times (and more if you feel so inclined):

Zac Efron... Oh, your gorgeous face
I wish to hold you in my sweet embrace.
May the Goddess bring your soul to me
Because you and I were meant to be.
So mote it be!

Allow the candle to burn for 30 minutes while you hold yoru crystal and concentrate on Zac's love for you.

Put the candle out. (You can also let it burn down, but please do not ever leave a candle burning unattended. People aren't just telling you that because they're nerds that don't understand that you HAVE to let it burn all the way down. I nearly burned my entire apartment down one night because I left a spell candle burning in a glass votive holder. The holder got too hot and busted and my kitchen table caught fire! Luckily the noise woke me up and I was able to put the fire out but it was very scary!! Those cheap dollar store glass candle holders can't take that much heat.)

Keep the rose quartz with you as a love charm until Zac appears in your life.

Of course, you must remember that I did the spell first so I don't see how Zac could possibly want you when he is going to want me.

So there ya go! There is your Zac Efron Love Spell!

P.S. This is a joke, but the steps involved are a real spell and could be used if you substitute Zac for whoever you love (and yeah, it's wrong to target someone like that.)

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