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Spell to Communicate with the Dead

"Ash" by
Matt Hughes


Gateway Spell to Communicate with the Dead

You will need:

  • Two blue candles, 6-8"

  • One white candle, 6-8"

  • One charcoal disk in a fireproof dish

  • Matches or a lighter

  • Two teaspoons of dried Solomon's Seal

  • Approximately 25 seaside pebbles

Place the blue candles at the western quarter of the circle and place the white one to your left.

Light the charcoal, then the blue candles, and face the 'gateway' (the space between the two candles), saying:

Ancestors of blood, ancestors of spirit,
You are honored here.
I call my beloved dead to this gateway
Only those who wish me well may enter
Sprinkle incense onto the charcoal.

Name the friends or relatives that died within the last year:

I Remember (name) who is my (friend, family whatever they may be)
I want to say this to you _______

For each person, place a pebble near the white candle.

Next, remember those who have passed away before this last year, and then the people who you wish to commemorate.

When you have finished, and the pebbles are heaped around the white candle, light it, saying:

All are mourned, remembered, and honored

Say farewell, and close the gateway before the circle is closed.

Return the pebbles to the sea (or wherever you collected them)

A seasoned Green Witch am I, With plant wisdom and magic to share.
A child of the flowers am I, With blossoms budding from my hair.
A friend of the Fairies am I, A crown of leaves and flowers I wear.
A daughter of the Earth am I, Walking Her ways with feet ever bare.
A sister of the waters am I, Flowing wild and free without a care.
At one with the blowing winds am I, Singing softly through the midnight air.
A keeper of the fire am I, Let me kindle your passions if you dare.
Connected in Spirit with You am I, Fused together as one in prayer.


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