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Framed picture of Bear - for your convenience

I am building a "Bear" page, so this is my "Build-A-Bear" page. haha.
Here you will meet Bear and learn all about him and why I love him.
Also, you'll get to see pictures of me in my bikini top because that's what I happened to be
wearing when we took these pictures and I couldn't be bothered to change.

Bear in chair Bear in chair with rabbit's ears

Dear Friend,

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, "Bear." Bear has been with me for about as long as I can remember, since I was a very young child.

Heather and Bear in Chair (Heather in Bikini top!) Heather and Bear looking cute

Bear is always there for me when I am upset or need a friend or someone to hold.

Bear sitting on Heather's head Family Portrait of Heather and Bear

Bear likes to sit on my head and my lap. He never argues with me. He is always quite agreeable to anything I suggest.

Bear head shot Bear Modeling Shot

Bear has lived a rough life. He has been locked in closets and thrown down on beds. He has been the victim of jealous rages by boyfriends who couldn't understand why I needed a bear like Bear in my life. But as you can see, Bear has survived in tip-top shape. He is as loving as he ever was and continues to support me throughout my life.



I decided to take some more pictures of Bear to show you what he does all day long. Captions are included.

A Day in the Life of Bear the bear.

I went looking for Bear in order to do a photo shoot with him. Guess where I found him? It's not too hard to figure out what happened here. Someone didn't like having Bear around and HE or she stuffed Bear in a dresser drawer to get rid of him. Poor thing, he was in that drawer all night long. I'm sorry, Sweetie. How can I make it up to you?

I know, I'll let you sleep in my bed for a while since you probably didn't get much rest in that dresser drawer.

I see you are up and awake and doing your morning routine. That's great. I have a full day of fun and sun planned for us.

You can sit on the porch while I tend the flowers.

I guess the rocking chair was a bit large for you. This is better.

Oh, you found a tiny chair to sit in! This is sounding a bit familiar, like a fairy tale I used to know. I'll tell it to you later.

Those blue flowers really bring out your eyes, Bear. You look stunning!

Time to get some sun! Bear loves tanning with me. He was a little jealous that I put bikini shots of myself online, but did not have any of him in a bikini, so here you go, Bear! Now, you can be an internet bikini model like me!

Time for a break. I'm getting the beer for us while Bear sits there and relaxes.

We decided to move out to the yard again. Bugs bother us when we are too close to the house.

A close-up shot of Bear. He is loving that bikini I let him wear. Hopefully, my step-daughter won't mind that we borrowed it.

It's hard to tan your face while sitting up, so we decided to lay down again. Bear has a KILLER tan, as you can see.



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