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Spell Casting by Calastrology
California Astrology Association

California Astrology Association, AKA "Calastrology", offers guaranteed-to-work love spells, money spells, good luck charms, and much more. Click to read the Calastrology Testimonials pages. Below are some of the spells that Calastrology offers as well.
Li Yuan's Temple - $17.95
Do you want to attract money like a magnet? Would you like to end financial worries forever?
With Li Yuan's Temple (House of Money) you could get whatever you want - riches, wealth, abundance.
Andreika the Witch - $19.95
Andreika can cast a spell to make one love another, or cause a person to change his mind about a relationship, or bring two people together. Her magical powers are beyond your imagination.



Money Tree - $14.95
Have you ever dreamed of having a Money Tree? A Money Tree that could literally drop money into your lap? That could bring you the luxuries and riches you so deserve?

If you think it's impossible for money to fall out of a tree, think again. The California Astrology Association is offering an original Money Tree amulet that could bring you the financial windfall that you've been waiting for.
Burton - $19.95
For over thirty years he has used his psychic powers to help some of the most successful people in the world. From CEO's of large corporations to some of the biggest names in the entertainment field, he has helped many of them achieve their goals of wealth, fame, and happiness. Let Burton cast a spell for you and change your life!



Wanga Dolls - $15.95
Wanga Dolls can bring you love, money, success, revenge--anything you desire! Select the doll or dolls that fit your specific need, then experience the wonders that only a Wanga may bring!

Wanga Dolls summon the forces of the night, supernatural forces that are beyond man's comprehension. Each Wanga represents a powerful spirit that could work in behalf of the person who possesses it. Possess the Wanga and let its extraordinary powers work for you!
Guardian Angel - $14.95
This powerful mystical amulet can help focus your attention on your own, personal Guardian Angel. As soon as you receive your Guardian Angel amulet, a powerful new force may enter your life. You may immediately begin to feel his presence, his influence upon your life. And your life may never be the same again.
Coin of Apollo - $16.95
With the Coin of Apollo you may feel confident and assured that the wealth you've always dreamed of could now be yours. The moment you touch the Coin of Apollo your life may begin to change:
  • Money may flow toward you, not away from you.
  • You could be on your way to financial security.
  • You may have the Midas touch.
  • You may instinctively be able to spot bargains, good deals, profitable investments.
Lucky 7 - $14.95
If you believe numbers play an important role in your life, the number 7 may have special meaning for you.

Throughout the ages the number 7 has defied the law of averages, the science of mathematics. For many of the powerful and wealthy, the number 7 is a symbol of luck, of good fortune.

Those who carry the Lucky 7 with them may experience:

  • A dramatic turnaround of events in their favor.
  • Increased Lucky Streaks
  • A noticeable reduction of bad luck, depression, lack of confidence.
  • A knack for being in the right place at the right time.
Mystic Star - $18.95
The moment you receive the Mystic Star you may feel its phenomenal force. As you touch it, its power may pour into you, and within days there could be profound effects:
  • Money may come to you from many different sources
  • Bad luck may turn to good luck
  • You may no longer feel sad, alone, without hope
  • Your natural talents could be greatly enhanced
  • Remarkable opportunities could begin to appear.
Samadhi - $14.95
The SAMADHI is a powerful good luck piece--so powerful that even its picture may release energy. Because of this a photo or even a drawing of the SAMADHI will not be shown.

As each month passes, hundreds of new people take possession of the SAMADHI and many of them benefit from its amazing powers:

  • Worries May Vanish
  • Money Problems Could Be Alleviated
  • Relationships May Seem to Grow Stronger

Can these things happen to you? Can the SAMADHI change your life, bringing you financial security and happiness? It has happened to so many others, why not you?

Lady Luck - $15.95
If you want to win, and win big, let Lady Luck take you by the hand and lead you to winnings you never thought possible.

It often doesn't matter how hard you try or how well you have prepared, without Lady Luck by your side, life will continue to be a struggle. Don't spend all your time and effort on a losing cause. Keep Lady Luck with you every moment of the day and let her bring you:

  • Luck in Romance
  • Luck in Relationships
  • Luck in Finances
  • Luck in Every Aspect of Your Life

Aztec Mantaz amulet - $15.95
Losing weight and keeping it off can be a difficult, frustrating and often impossible situation.

If fad diets, pills, expensive medications, etc. have not worked for you, the Aztec-Mantaz weight loss amulet may be just what you've been looking for.

Lover Come Back to Me Amulet - $14.99
An amazing amulet that rekindles passion and love. The Lover Come Back to Me! amulet is a must for anyone who seeks the return of a lost love or hopes to renew the spark in a current relationship. Carry this remarkable amulet with you if you wish to "reconnect" with someone who has been distant from you. Hold it tightly if you want them to think of you, miss you, desperately want to be with you again. Then, lightly press your fingers over the eternal flame if you want this person to return to you!

Keep in mind there is a moment in time when a person who "thinks" a relationship is over begins to have doubts. It is at this precise moment that you will want your vision, your essence, to be present in their thoughts. Incredibly, at the same time this is occurring, regardless how far away you are, you may feel the heat from the eternal flame of the Burning Bush in this amazing good luck piece.

If you believe there are greater forces all around us, powers that can change our lives if we call upon them -- then we strongly urge you to possess this powerful amulet.

Spell Kits - $38.00
Powerful witch doctor spell kits - These do-it-yourself kits should only be used in the direst of emergencies. Witch Doctor Spell Kits are for one time use and must be discarded within 24 hours after the spell is cast. Instructions are simple and take only minutes – but they must be followed to the letter.

Witch Doctor Spell Kits differ substantially from other spell kits in that a genuine Witch Doctor doll is included with each kit. This handsome, meticulously crafted doll is blessed by a Witch Doctor and is an integral part of the spell kit ritual.

WARNING: Do not ask for something unless you truly want it to come true! These are powerful, spiritual rituals and are not to be taken lightly.

Obeah Spell - $19.95
WARNING: Do not turn to Obeah unless your need is great. Obeah spells are too powerful to waste on trivial pursuits!

Obeah is used when you don't know where to turn, when all other methods have been exhausted. Obeah is used as a last resort!

Turn to Obeah when you want something done, and done now!

When to call upon Obeah:

  • When you or someone close to you needs immediate help
  • When seemingly insurmountable barriers stand in your way
  • When no one else can assist you
  • When you have tried everything and are about to give up

Money Spell - $19.95
Well, if you’ve tried everything and have exhausted all opportunities, there is one more thing you can do. It’s called a Money Spell. You can request that a Money Spell be cast in your behalf, and then just sit back and relax. In a relatively short time you could find yourself basking in a financial windfall.

For centuries Money Spells have been cast for some of the most successful and wealthiest people in the world, and now you can try it yourself, at absolutely no risk.

Gris-Gris - $19.95
Gris-Gris is sometimes referred to as the iron fist of Voodoo due to its hammer-like quality of relentless pounding until the spell takes effect. Once a Gris-Gris spell is cast, the momentum slowly builds until it becomes an unstoppable force.

The effects of Gris-Gris are immediate. Within twenty-four hours you could instinctively know that something has changed. You may experience a feeling of exuberance and enlightenment, and your outlook on life may be more positive, hopeful, and clearer.

Those who have done you wrong often encounter a force they know nothing about and are unprepared and unequipped to deal with it. They could begin to question themselves and feel powerless to change things.

Retribution - $19.95
If Someone Has Hurt You, It's Your Turn To Get Even
(You won't be sorry you did, but the other person could be!)

Is there someone who has it in for you? Has someone recently insulted you, tricked you, embarrassed you? Is somebody in possession of something that is rightfully yours?

Do you feel powerless to do something about it?

Remember, the Retribution Spell comes with our unconditional guarantee!
Now there is something you can do! Ask for a Retribution Spell cast in your behalf. Merely tell us the name of the person who did you wrong and what he or she did--and we will take it from there.

A Retribution Spell may affect a person's behavior, lower his self-esteem, deplete his energy and, generally, throw him off-kilter. More importantly, he may be aware something is happening to him because of the evil he perpetrated. And, perhaps, he will begin to see the light and change his ways.

The Retribution Spell is a powerful, effective way to get even with someone who has little regard for others.
Hoodoo - $19.95
HooDoo is often called upon to achieve "Fast Luck" in both money and love. Most people who seek help from a HooDoo Doctor request a spell such as "Luck in a hurry," or "Money in a hurry," or "Attract a lover in a hurry."

If you need something done right now, not next week or next month or next year, then you should turn to one of the most powerful Spellmakers known to mankind, the HooDoo Doctor.

Ask the HooDoo Doctor to cast a "Fast Luck" spell for you at once. You won't have to wait long for something good to happen.



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