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Update on My Marital Status


For those of you who are wondering about my marital status after reading "The Gimme Game", let me fill you in. 

It was a long time ago when I wrote that. Probably more than two years ago. At any rate, I have filed for divorce finally. :) I still hang around my husband though. I'm at his house now, typing this. He's outside working on my car.

I moved out in July 2001 and have been living with my mother. He and I sort of stayed together on and off for the last year. Back in March, I thought it would be fun to go out with his good friend, Ron. Of course, I got busted. I dated Ron for a while (really nice guy.) Then D suckered me back in. It was good with us for a month or so, and then his mom got very sick on May 15. After that, we spent our days going back and forth to the hospital. Actually, we are still doing that. Looks like we are about to break up again though.

I would be content to live alone. I would prefer to not live with my mother. She keeps the house rather cold. I'd like to get my own apartment again, decorated with all my candles and crystals and pretty lamps. I would prefer that my tap water is clear, not gray with particles floating in it, like my last apartment had. I know, that was pretty gross.

Well, that's about it for now. If you are reading this, and thinking you'd like to fall in love with me, please be warned... I'm not what would be considered "sweet and lovable." I'm not a bitch either. Actually, I'm pretty laid back most of the time, but I am particularly tough on men.

Asta la pasta.

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