A forum for people who follow or are interested in the spiritual path of Druidry (whether neopagan, mesopagan, or reconstructionist), the ancient Druids, and Celtic culture.

Modern Druidry is a 300 year old path that focuses on nature spirituality and inner transformation founded on personal experience rather than dogmatic belief.
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Drow priestess & mage journeys on rune quest.

Daughter of The Drow.
Tangeld Webs
Windwalker- good intro as parable to the philosophy of Rune work and druid like magic in general.

Need all 3 books to complete the lesson.

Apparently Spider says hi.

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When it comes to fiction I am reading "The Sword of Truth" series. I'm reading "Chainfire" right now, when I have the time, it's the tenth book in the series, I believe.

I'm reading on several books right now... "The Druid Handbook" by Greer and I just got "Spirits of the Sacre Grove" The world of a Druid Priestess, by Emma Restall Orr. I haven't started my required readings .... yet.

And, please, tell Spider I said "Hello" ::coolglasses::
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