What if I dont Have Everything I need for a Spell

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What if I dont Have Everything I need for a Spell

Post by Crow »

Hey, yeah its me again :roll: . But i got billions of questions, so heres another, even if it is a corney question... If i wanted to cast a spell, or well do basically any witchcraft, and I don't have everything i need, What do I do? For example, the other week 3 red candles where needed and I only had two.(my luck)... what then? Are three candles "required", Can i go without one? Can it be substituted with another color? Should i just give up my hopes of doing that spell at all?? lots of stupid questions... But i know it happenes to me so often, where im just one candle short, or one oil to short. Its frustraiting. So if u can shed a little light on this situation then thanks, if not then, well thanks anyways.. because right now i just need answers. ^_^
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Post by waterglyph »

Most items have substitutions that you can use in a pinch.

As far as candles go, whenever you don't have a particular color, a white one can be used in its place. :D
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Post by hedge* »

Hello :D

I think the best thing for you to get your head round is the fact that when you cast a spell it is your intent which is the biggest thing you'll ever need. Candles and Herbs and such are really just tools, it is your focus and intent which has the real power. Tools can help us focus, but the intent is where the real power comes from.
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Post by Crow »

Yeah, i know its the intention, trust me i know that :wink: , ^^, i guess just when it sais what you should use and you dont, in the back in my mind i hear this little voice going, "U SCREWED UP!" lol. I hate that voice, it makes it hard to concentrait, lol. Oh, and thank you very much for the white candle tip, ^_^, if anyone else has any other idea to make up for lack of tools, like incense, candles, and such; I would appreciate it. Thanks guys. :D
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Post by Orion »

Remember, what you're trying to do with the spell is more important to know than the spell itself. Gotta learn to relax and go with the flow, Crow :)
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Post by Crow »

:D HOLY COW I LOVE THIS FORUM. BLESS YOU HEATHER, :D the atmosphere here is phonominal, the people so caring, i mean just down-right loving. WOW, you guys are great, and im so glad I have this oppertunity to talk with you guys, thanks, and i will try to relax a little bit better ^_^, and thank you guys, your comments just make me feel better every time i read one, thank you "Blessed Be"

Post by Aloron »

Aww. Yeah I quite like tha atmosphere of this place too. Remember there are a bazzilion cajillion spells out there. If you dont have the right items for one you can always find another to suit the same purpose.
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Post by GenevieveDawn »

You can substitute a white candle for other candle colors, just make sure you charge that candle with the intentions that the color candle would have. If you don't have an oil that is called for just use olive oil. Most herbs always have substitutions.
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Post by sheherazade »

that little voice that says"you screwed up"
i've heard it too.
but get rid of it.
ground yourself.
meditate untill you are rid of these troublesome thought.
good luck
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Post by Moon_Stone »

True, sheherazade.

I've used many-a-substitution in my day. I agree with Hedge, it is the intention of the tool rather than the color, shape, etc. Just know what it is for, and the rest will fall into place.


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