Paleo Indians of Central California

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Paleo Indians of Central California

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In 1999 I had the very good fortune of having a coven outing to this place in the Coso Range, where this canyon holds some of the oldest petroglyphs in North America. The general consensus is this was a place for Shamanic quests of the Paleo Indians of the area, and that the Indians of the day likely held Spring Rites of passage in this canyon beginning approximately 15,000 years ago. It was really a fascinating trip, but an ordeal to get in because it is on a Navel base. After 911 it was closed for a long time. The Maturango Museum is the place that arranges the tours, check with them for tour dates and times.
We spent the night in Ridgecrest, and were up early to get in the caravan line for the long drive....
Then you arrive in this desolate canyon, void of trees and sparse in every kind of shrubbery...A rocky path brings you down into a dry wash, a place where time, space and history collide, and magic happens...the electricity creeps up your spine as the first ancient picture comes into view, then another and another. The hairs on my head were practically standing on end, the energy of this place is phenomenal.
I wanted to stay all day and night, however you must hang with the group and your time is limited. This trip was well worth the struggle to get there and get in.

here is the link to the Maturango Museum
and a little info from our friends at Wikipedia... ... ph_Canyons

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Re: Paleo Indians of Central California

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Very cool post, firebirdflys. I hadn't seen this before today. Thanks.

You have the coolest coven. You guys go on "coven outings," and stuff. :wink: I love it.

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