Long Time No Chat

This is the forum to say, "I'm leaving for a while" or "I'm back now" or whatever.
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Long Time No Chat

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Hey guys just wanted to make a formal post and update you guys on the ups and downs of whats been going on with me for last 3 years and why i have been busy and not on here. I am glad to be back and honestly missed you guys this site is after all a wonderful place to learn and communicate with great friends.

Trigger Warning for talks of Death and Cancer :flyingwitch:

As some of you know I had to move in with my grandmother back in 2016 and by end of 2017 she was getting really sick. During this time it seemed like a pattern started that every July in the first of the month then the last of the month she would have TIA or Mini Strokes and lose one side of her body's mobility some times right some times left for progressively longer times. On top of that She had been avoiding a diagnosis's of cancer of the throat unbeknown to anyone in the family and by 2018 she was hospitalized to do CO2 poisoning that led to her diagnosis's and later underwent radiation in Oct of 2018. That however failed and we had to concede to surgery in April of 2019 for a complete voice box and thyroid removal (a complete laryngectomy). That July she had a full stroke and lost her memory for almost 2 days and since then she stated to slowly show signs of short term memory loss, mood swings and agitation (all signs of early dementia). During all this I have been her 24/7 caregiver and later her voice.
Skip to this year we moved up to my moms to make things easier on me and thinking she was a year and a half in remission because the surgery is a 100% cure. 11 days later we have to hospitalize her thinking she had a stroke only to find out she had bone cancer hidden in her pelvis and hips since the surgery and by the time it showed symptoms it was to late. It had spread to her skull and was terminal. She was released to hospice and i again took care of her till her death Nov 29th of this year.

The last 3 years have been hard, toxic and over all i have been unable to practice thanks to the environment I was in. thankfully I am able to practice yet again, finally have access to my old alter and tools that have been packed for last 3 years and this 29th will be my first full out ritual in almost 4 years, I cant wait. As I start from starch again, building up my daily practices, getting into old habbits and brushing up on my old knowledge that has been rusty due to rushed spell work and practices, I cant wait to talk it out with you guys. Ill be active hopefully at least once a week, ill try harder to do more then that but im going to hold myself to a once a week check in so it starts to become habbit again ><

love you guys
blessed be,
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Re: Long Time No Chat

Post by SpiritTalker »

Cheers 🥳 to you B, child of Artemis, as you move into a new, new normal.
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