Moon Names for a Full Year

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Moon Names for a Full Year

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Merry meet all

Moon Names for a Full Year

Each full moon has its own name and unique seasonal aspects associated with the wheel of the year, and is celebrated in the esbat ritual. The name given to each moon applies to the whole cycle of the moon, from its dark beginning to its dark ending. With so many moon names for each month to pick from, it can be hard to decide what to call each month’s moon. I use the following names given below, chosen to link that moon to its season.

January : Ice Moon.
February : Snow Moon.
March : Plough Moon.
April : Seed Moon.
May : Flower Moon.
June : Meadow Moon.
July : Hay Moon.
August : Corn Moon.
September : Harvest Moon.
October : Leaf Moon.
November : Frost Moon.
December : Night Moon.

January Moon names

Man Moon (Taos).
Joyful Moon (Hopi).
Avunniviayuk (Inuit).
Quite Moon (Celtic).
Ice Moon (San Juan).
Cold Moon (Cheokee).
Ice Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Flying Ant Moon(Apache).
Big Cold Moon (Mohawk).
Cooking Moon (Choctaw).
Strong Cold Moon (Sioux).
Little Winter Moon (Creek).
Her Cold Moon (Wishram).
Cold Meal Moon (Natchez).
Moon After Yule (Cherokee).
Wolf Moon (Medieval English).
Strong Cold Moon (Cheyenne).
Quiet : Dark, Wolf : Full (Janic).
Great Spirit Moon (Anishnaabe).
Whirling Wind Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Wolf Moon, Old Moon, Winter Moon, Yule Moon (Algonquin).

Other moon names : Storm Moon, Snow Moon, Disting Moon, Chaste Moon.

February Moon names

Ice (Celtic).
Old Moon (Cree).
Gray Moon (Pima).
Wind Moon (Creek).
Winter Moon (Taos).
Nuts Moon (Natchez).
Avunnivik Moon (Inuit).
Geese Moon (Omaha).
Bony Moon (Cherokee).
Purification Moon (Hopi).
Little bud Moon (Kiowa).
Snow Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Lateness Moon (Mohawk).
Shoulder Moon (Wishram).
Rabbit Moon (Potawatomi).
Sucker Moon (Anishnaabe).
Long Dry Moon (Assiniboine).
Little Famine Moon (Choctaw).
Storm Moon (Medieval English).
Sparkling Frost Moon (Arapaho).
Running Fish Moon (Winnebago).
Coyote Frighten Moon (San Juan).
Spruce Tips Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Raccoon Moon, Trees Pop Moon (Sioux).
Hunger Moon : Dark, Storm Moon : Full (Janic).
Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, Trapper’s Moon (Algonquin).

Other moon names : Wolf Moon, Wild Moon, Quickening Moon, Solmonath Moon, Chaste Moon, Horning Moon, Red Moon, Big Winter Moon, Cleansing Moon.

March Moon names

Rain (Diegueno).
Bud Moon (Kiowa).
Eagle Moon (Cree).
Green Moon (Pima).
Deer Moon (Natchez).
Moon of Winds (Celtic).
Lizard Moon (San Juan).
Death Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Wind Strong Moon (Taos).
Amaolikkervik Moon(Inuit).
Little Frog Moon (Omaha).
Little Spring Moon (Creek).
Crane Moon (Potawatomi).
Long Days moon (Wishram).
Big Famine Moon (Choctaw).
Moose Hunter Moon (Abenali).
Whispering Wind Moon (Hopi).
Little Spring Moon (Muscokee).
Fish Moon (Colonial American).
Snow Sore Eyes Moon(Dakota).
Catching Fish Moon (Agonquin).
Snow Crust Moon (Anishnaabe).
Spring Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Much Lateness Moon (Mohawk).
Chaste Moon (Medieval English).
Buffalo Calve moon (Arapaho, Sioux).
Seed (Dark Janic), Plow Moon (Full Janic).
Strawberry, Windy Moon, Lenten Moon (Cherokee).
Worm Moon, Sugar Moon, Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon. (Algonquin).

April Moon names

April Moon names

Leaf Moon (Kiowa).
Yellow Moon (Pima).
Flowers Moon (Pomo).
Growing Moon (Celtic).
Flower, Egg (Cherokee).
Frog Moon (Assiniboine).
(Full Janic), (Dark Janic).
Big Spring Moon (Creek).
Wildcat Moon (Choctaw).
Budding Moon (Mohawk).
Wind Breaks Moon (Hopi).
Leaf Split Moon (San Juan).
Big Leaves Moon (Apache).
Strawberry Moon (Natchez).
Ice Breaking Moon (Arapaho).
Geese Return Moon (Dakota).
Indian Corn Moon (Agonquin).
Green Grass moon (Sioux).
Geese Egg Moon (Cheyenne).
Sugar Maker Moon (Abernaki).
Awakening Moon (Neo Pagan).
Seed Moon (Medieval English).
Spring Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Corn Planting Moon (Winnebago).
Planter’s Moon (Colonial American).
Ashes Moon (Taos Native American).
Broken Snow Shoe Moon (Anishnaabe).
Big Spring Moon, Gray Goose Moon (Cree).
Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Planter’s Moon, Pink Moon, Fish Moon. (Algonquin).

Other Moon names : Grass, Red Grass Moon, Hare Moon, Ostarmanoth (Eostre Moon)

May Moon names

Frog Moon (Cree).
Ponies shed (Sioux).
Bright moon (Celtic).
Waiting Moon (Hopi).
Mulberry Moon (Greek).
Ninth Moon (Wishram).
Idle Moon (Assiniboine).
Big Leaf Moon (Mohawk).
Panther Moon (Choctaw).
Grass Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Planting Moon (Cherokee).
Corn Planting Moon (Taos).
Little Corn Moon (Natchez).
Green Leaf Moon (Apache).
Corn Weed Moon(Agonquin).
Field Maker Moon (Abernaki).
Blossom Moon (Anishnaabe).
Shaggy Hair Moon (Arapaho).
Green Leaves Moon (Dakota).
Fat Horses Moon (Cheyenne).
Leaf Tender Moon (San Juan).
Hare Moon (Medieval English).
Milk Moon (Colonial American).
Strawberry Moon (Potawatomi).
Hoeing Corn Moon (Winnebago).
Alewive Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Ninth Moon (Dark Janic), Mothers Moon (Full Janic).
Flower Moon, Corn Plant Moon, Milk Moon (Algonquin).

Other Moon names : Frogs Return Moon, Sproutkale Moon, Dyad Moon, Merry Moon, Joy Moon

June Moon names

Leaves Moon (Cree).
Horses’ Moon (Celtic).
Ripe Berries (Dakota).
Hoer moon (Abernaki).
Lotus Moon (Chinese).
Windy Moon (Choctaw).
Summer moon (Kiowa).
Buffalo Moon (Omaha).
Leaf Moon (Assiniboine).
Corn Tassel Moon(Taos).
Blackberry moon (Greek).
Green grass Moon(Sioux).
Ripening Moon (Mohawk).
Turtle Moon (Potawatomi).
Making fat Moon (Lakota).
Hot weather moon (Ponca).
Leaf Dark Moon (San Juan).
Major Planting Moon (Hopi).
Planting Moon (Neo Pagan).
Fish Spoils Moon (Wishram).
Water melon Moon (Natchez).
Hot Weather moon (Arapaho).
Dyad Moon (Medieval English).
Strawberry Moon (Anishnaabe).
Dark green leaves Moon (Pueblo).
Summer Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Green Corn Moon, Flower Moon (Cherokee).
Mead Moon (Full Janic), Strawberry moon (Dark Janic).
Honey Moon, Hot Moon, Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon (Algonquin).

Other Moon names : Hay Moon, Aerra Litha Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Lovers’ Moon

July Moon names

Raptor Moon (Hopi).
Smoky Moon (Maidu).
Ripe Moon (San Juan).
Crane Moon (Choctaw).
Claiming Moon (Celtic).
Rose Moon (Neo Pagan).
Peaches Moon (Natchez).
Ducks Moult Moon (Cree).
Ripening Moon (Mohawk).
Grass Cutter Moon (Abernaki).
Buffalo Bellow Moon (Omaha).
Hungry Ghost Moon (Chinese).
Ripe Squash Moon (Agonquin).
Raspberry Moon (Anishnaabe).
Salmon River moon (Wishram).
Mead Moon (Medieval English).
Middle Summer Moon (Ponca).
Middle Summer Moon (Dakota).
Red Berries moon (Assiniboine).
Young Corn Moon (Potawatomi).
Buffalo Bellows Moon (Arapaho).
Wild Red Cherries Moon (Sioux).
Corn Popping moon (Winnebago).
Ripening Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Horse Moon, Ripe Moon (Apache).
Summer Moon (Colonial American).
Dropping Deer Horns Moon (Kiowa).
Ripe Corn Moon, Hay Moon (Cherokee).
Sun House Moon (Taos Native American).
Claiming moon (Full Janic), Blessing Moon (Dark Janic).
Little Harvest Moon, Blackberry Moon, Little Ripening Moon (Creek).
Hay Moon, Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Summer Moon (Algonquin).

Other Moon names : Grain Moon, Meadow Moon, Blood Moon, Wort Moon, Blessing Moon, Fallow Moon

August Moon names

Joyful Moon (Hopi).
First Acorns (Pomo).
Ripen moon (Dakota).
Dispute Moon (Celtic).
Cutter Moon (Abernaki).
Dog Days moon (Yuchi).
Corn Silk Moon (Ponca).
Harvest Moon (Chinese).
Berry Moon (Anishnaabe).
Women's Moon (Choctaw).
Mulberries Moon (Natchez).
Middle moon (Potawatomi).
Freshness Moon (Mohawk).
Yelow flower moon (Osage).
Blackberry Moon (Wishram).
Acorns Ripen Moon (Maidu).
Wheat Cut Moon (San Juan).
Lightning Moon (Neo Pagan).
Black Cherries Moon (Sioux).
Yellow Leaves moon (Kiowa).
Edible Corn Moon (Agonquin).
Young Ducks Fly Moon (Cree).
Lightening Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Black Cherries Moon (Assiniboine).
Dog Day's Moon (Colonial American).
Autumn Moon (Taos Native American).
Corn Moon, Wort Moon (Medieval English).
Geese Shedding Feathers Moon (Arapaho).
Feather Shedding Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Dispute Moon (Full Janic), Harvest Moon (Dark Janic).
Big Harvest moon, Heat Moon, Big Rippening Moon (Creek).
Fruit Moon, Drying Moon, Last Fruit Moon, Grain Moon (Cherokee).
Red Moon, Wood Cutter’s Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Dog Days Moon (Algonquin).

Other Moon names : Wyrt, Barley Moon

September Moon names

Soaproot (Pomo).
Corn Moon (Pueblo).
Harvest moon (Hopi).
Singing Moon (Celtic).
Leaf fall Moon (Kiowa).
Ripe Moon (San Juan).
Maize Moon (Natchez).
Acorns Moon (Wishram).
Rice Moon (Anishnaabe).
Hay Cutting Moon (Yuchi).
Mulberry Moon (Choctaw).
Deer Paw Moon (Omaha).
Snow Goose Moon (Cree).
Freshness Moon (Mohawk).
Harvest Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Harvest (Colonial American).
Little Chestnut Moon (Creek).
Corn Maker Moon (Abernaki).
Drying Grass Moon (Arapaho).
Yellow Leaf Moon (Assiniboine).
Drying Grass Moon (Cheyenne).
Autumn Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Barley Moon (Mediaeval English).
Calves Hair Growth Moon (Dakota).
Yellow Leaf Moon(Taos Native American).
Nut Moon, Black Butterfly Moon (Cherokee).
Drying Grass Moon, Black Calve Moon, fScarlet Plum Moon (Sioux).
Harvest Moon, Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, Dying Grass Moon (Algonquin).

Other moon names : Wine moon, Blood Moon, Sturgeon Moon

October Moon names

Tugluvik (Inuit).
Kentenha (Mohawk).
Long Hair Moon (Hopi)
Ten Colds Moon (Kiowa).
Falling Leaves Moon (Arapaho).
Corn Ripe Moon (Taos Native American).
Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Leaf Fall Moon (San Juan Native American).
Blood Moon, Wine Moon (Mediaeval English).
Blood Moon Falling :Full, Leaf Moon :Dark (Janic).
Hunter’s Moon, Travel Moon, Full Dying Grass Moon (Algonquin Native American/Colonia).

Other Moon names : Spirit Moon, Snow Moon, Shedding Moon, Winterfelleth (Winter Coming), Windermanoth (Vintage Month), Falling Leaf Moon, Moon of the Changing Season, White Frost moon

November Moon names

Itartoryuk Moon (Inuit).
Tree Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Poverty Moon (Mohawk).
Trading Moon (Cherokee).
Geese Going Moon (Kiowa).
Falling Leaves moon (Sioux).
Fledgling Raptor Moon (Hopi).
Deer Ruting Moon (Cheyenne).
Freezing River Moon(Arapaho).
Snow Moon (Mediaeval English).
Mourning Moon : Full, Dead : Dark (Janic).
Corn Harvest Moon (Taos Native American).
Snowy Morning Mountains Moon (Wishram).
All Gathered Moon (San Juan Native American).
Beaver Moon, Frosty Moon (Algonquin Native American/Colonia).

Other moon names : Fog Moon, Deer Antler Shedding moon, Oak moon, Mad moon, Storm moon, Dark moon.

December Moon names

Kaitvitjuitk (Inuit).
Cold Moon (Celtic).
Night Moon (Taos).
Respect Moon (Hopi).
Bitter Moon (Chinese).
Peach Moon (Choctaw).
Twelfth Moon (Dakotah).
Big Winter Moon (Creek).
Real Goose Moon (Kiowa).
Cold Time Moon (Mohawk).
Ashes Fire Moon (San Juan).
Oak Moon (Medieval English).
Big Bear’s Moon (Winnebago).
Long Night Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Popping Trees Moon (Arapaho).
Running Wolves Moon (Cheyenne).
Frost Fish Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon (Algonquin).
Snow Moon, Before Yule Moon (Cherokee).
Oak Moon : Full, : Snow Moon Dark (Janic).
Popping Tress Moon, Deer Horn Shedding Moon (Sioux).

Other moon names : Wolf Moon, Turning Moon, Heavy Snow Moon, Aerra Geola, Under Burn Moon, Big Winter Moon, Winter Maker Moon, Yellow Leaves Moon, Little Finger Moon, Mid-Winter Moon, Wintermonat, Small Spirits Moon.

Merry part and brightest blessings
Ithilgore (Philip) :D
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Philip, you're fabulous! I've really enjoyed reading all the information you've been posting. thanks,

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Another great post Ith - this is awesome.
I'm a sucker for moon lore.

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Yes thanks very much for this I love it.
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I also believe we are free to assign each moon our own names....

Feb is Groundhog Moon to me... :wink:

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Wow, that's quite extensive. Very nice. :)
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wow that there are so many names! I didn't even figure up everything.
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