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Kids These Days


What is with the kids these days? My 13 year old female relative is in the other room listening to an Eminem song. She was chasing some boy down in Wal-mart tonight (for a full 2 hours) and he ended up flipping her off. She took that as an invitation (for sex). She wants to call him now.

Boys have no respect for girls anymore. Did they ever, or were they just pretending before? I'm talking about young men. Below the age of 23 or so. They go around talking nasty to girls, calling them bitches and hoes in normal conversation.

I know what brought this on. One MAJOR problem is the WWF (World Wresting Federation.) I believe they go by WWE now. They have women on every program who prance around in very skimping clothing, being humiliated and smacked around in front of millions of people. Usually, there will also be a scene where the woman's clothes is actually ripped off of her. Then, of course, there are cat fights and "wrestling matches" between the women. Sometimes, the women even fight the men! Can you imagine? Well, you don't have to imagine... just turn on the TV. It's right there on basic cable for any 8 year old to see. I really think they should take more responsibility for the example they are setting for young people.

Get this... the other day, Stone Cold Steve Austin was arrested for BEATING UP his wife. There was a police report and everything. Do you have any idea how many boys worship Stone Cold? They want to be just like him. And what does he do? He kicks his wife's ass. How nice. Jerk-off.

As if this isn't enough, here comes Eminem. Always going on and on about beating up girls, sodomizing them, raping them (and his mother), getting them drugged up and then having sex with them. Is he insane? (Don't answer that.) Yes, I know he is. He is a perfect example of what young men are like these days. Do you think it's like this in other countries, or just here in the US? If you are from another country, please feel free to reply.

Maybe I'm off track. I mean, men have always been dogs, right? (No, not YOU.. the other men.) I can think of plenty of men older than 23 who have done horrible, wretched things. It seems to me though, that it's socially acceptable now for boys to act this way. Instead of treating a woman like shit in private (like in the good old days), they are right out in the open with it. They have no shame at all. Sad... so sad.

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