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"Jesus is the Answer... But what is the question??" Ron, 2005 (haha)

Life is Great


Well, I'm back. I feel as though I've lost some of my enthusiasm the last few years, which is why I don't write as much. But I realized that the last stuff I had written was miserable and awful and that I need to update this in case anyone thinks I still feel that way.

Faith, the ex-wife, and I are getting along great now, just famously. Hell, she and I get along better than she and Ron do! We are actually friends now, or I like to think so anyway. I think she's funny. And you know how I love funny people. Now that she's not angry about the divorce anymore, she really is a pretty decent person and visiting her and talking to her is okay now.

I know it's weird for a new wife to be friendly with the ex-wife, but I was raised well and had good examples to follow when my parents got divorced. It's much better to be friendly with everyone, especially if you are going to see them for the rest of your life. I think it's immature for a person to hate their spouse's ex simply because it's the ex. If you can actually be friends with her, your life will be much easier and more pleasant. :)

I don't think she's in our bank accounts anymore. The only reason that pissed me off so much was because I was addicted to pills at the time, and I didn't want anyone to have evidence of how much I was actually spending on them. But I've been clean for a year this month, so that's in the past. Getting off drugs has helped me tremendously. I'm a lot happier now. I'm really happy almost all the time, which is great.

Well, it doesn't hurt that my websites finally started making money and I am pulling my own weight now. I don't feel like a helpless housewife anymore - a drain on everyone around me. Now I'm making a good living through the Google Adsense program.

So yeah, we're getting a new house finally. We are getting away from our loud, uncool neighbors in this apartment. (Thanks Google!). Here is a picture of our new house:

So anyway, I'm much happier now and life is going much smoother.

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