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I added this Vin Diesel page because so many people come here looking for pictures of him because of the link further down the page. ;) Now on to my previously scheduled rambling...

Well, I'm getting married next week. I'm a pretty quick mover, don't you think? Ron is a swell guy. As you can probably tell by my blatant ass-kissing, he read my ramblings last night and this is my attempt to make up for the crazy things I said.

So, like I said, we are getting married. I have a wedding dress and everything. Having a wedding is kind of scary, but I have only invited my immediate family (mostly) so it should be fine. October 20th is the big day. I hope it's warm because my dress is sleeveless and it's an outdoor wedding. I'm so weird... I'm wearing my wedding band already. We just got them yesterday. I slept with it on last night. It's a lot easier to do things like put lotion on my hands or clean house with just the band on, instead of that HUGE DIAMOND RING that makes people's eyes bug out of their head. Just kidding. But seriously, I do have a very pretty ring. Here are pictures of my rings. The solitaire is my engagement ring, of course. The other one was my pre-engagement ring.

Here is a picture of my nose in case you needed to see such a picture.

Here is a picture of my bear. What is really funny is that I have his picture saved in the folder called "Family." lol.
NEW! I have made an entire page about Bear. It's called Build-a-Bear-Page.

Anyway, how about that ring? Pretty cool huh? Ron is very kind to me. He seems to really love me and care about me. He also has a little girl named Elizabeth. He gets her every other weekend. She's really cute and smart. Of course, kids can be nerve wracking to me at times, but I think everything is going to be okay with her. Ron said she's adaptable, and I think he is right. I'm sure she and I will get along fine. She even seems to like me. I told Ron that it is because I have the mentality of a five year old. lol. That is true to an extent. Last night, we had a good time coloring in my new Cinderella coloring book with my BRAND NEW CRAYOLA™ CRAYONS Ron bought for me. Yes, I think it's cool that I have new crayons. Coloring is like meditation. ;)

So I ordered this 16 tape set called "Attacking Anxiety and Depression". I'm not depressed, but the program deals mainly with anxiety anyway, which is good for me. It's a wee bit expensive ($400). I planned on recording all the tapes and sending it back while I'm still in my 30 day free trial. Ron said I could keep it if I think it will help me (because he thinks I'm a lunatic now that he has read this website, lol.) I charged it to his credit card. Hopefully, I will do the program and not just leave it lying around gathering dust, which is what it is doing now. I love infomercials. They can sell me anything. Ron loves to buy things on sale. He has a fancy Mustang. I don't think it was on sale when he bought it, but maybe it was.

I know if Ron is reading this, he is thinking, "Why isn't she writing more nice things about me?", which was my intention when I started. Well, it's because I get off track very easily and start writing about whatever is on my mind. But here we go again...

Ron is so nice to me. He does anything I want and gives me just about anything I ask for. I still don't have a new car, but that will come in time. I do have KILLER DIAMOND EARRINGS though. :) :) Hey Ron, when I write something in big letters that way, you are supposed to say it with EMPHASIS, like the way I say "DOGSHIT!!" That is what it is supposed to sound like in your head, unless you are reading out loud like a weirdo.

Ron had to take Elizabeth to church this morning. Sounds like fun, huh? NOT. lol. He makes the best of out bad situations though. He wouldn't even consider it to be a bad situation because he is so optimistic.

Hey Ron, sorry I said that you get your feelings hurt too easily on the previous rambling. I hope that didn't hurt your feelings. lmao! Just kidding sweetie. No, really, I am. It's all about having a good sense of humor. I think Elizabeth said something to that effect yesterday. Laughing is fun. And you are shaping up just fine. You'll be tougher than Vin Diesel before too long the way I treat you. Why don't you find someone nice to marry? Are you insane marrying me? You shouldn't have to change so much to make another person happy. My demands are unreasonable, and I know that. But I suppose if you can continue doing what you're doing, and making me happy, then we will have a wonderful marriage. You'll need to watch your jealousy though. I know every man wants me, and it's hard for you to deal with that, but you need to understand that most of that is just in my head. Most people don't actually want me, they don't even know I exist. So don't be too possessive. I'm not doing anything wrong, and I won't be cheating on you. If you try to take me away from my computer, which is my only link to the outside world, I may turn against you, and that will be no fun at all for you. (Update 2008: That was a lie. I was actually still seeing my ex-husband when I wrote that.)

So why do I write things on a website instead of talking to you about it? Because my website is my friend. It's like a person to me almost. It's actually myself, which is the best friend a person can have in some instances. You know I like talking to myself, so it only makes logical sense that I talk to myself on my website. We will make you a website too, like you said. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Poof! There it is! (Here is the website that he made.)

Uh-oh, church will be over in an hour. Maybe I should get in the shower. Hey, that rhymes!! :) I'm a poet and didn't know it! Ron and Elizabeth and I are going house hunting today. Right now we have a one-bedroom apartment. It's very nice, but not big enough. We need a house with 2 or 3 bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms. Hopefully a garage or shed too, because I don't like having manly tools and equipment inside the house. Ron is very considerate of me that way. Well, his toolbox is actually here in the kitchen, but it's a nice toolbox, too nice to put outside. I'm sure he would put it in the garage if we had one.

He is also very clean, which is awesome. He is cleaner than me. How nice. :) He works all day from 5:30 am and then comes home and does nice things for me. Isn't he the greatest? I think so. I'm sure I don't deserve someone so nice. My family really likes him too. That means a lot to me. Next week, my last name will be the same as his last name. I think it sounds nice. I never changed my name the first time I got married. I'm sure that hurt my ex-husband's feelings. Sorry about that. Anyway, I don't want to put Ron through any extra grief, so I am changing my name to his. I like his last name anyway. It sounds prosperous and it goes well with my first name. I'm still wearing my wedding band. I bet he wishes I'd take it off and wait till the wedding. Maybe I should.

Do you think I did? No, I didn't. It's still on. You knew that though, didn't you?

Hey, did I ever mention that I can read minds? What great fun. I realize it just sounds like one of those things that crazy people say, but REALLY, I think I can! You have to believe me! (Funny twitching motions begin.) I'm not crazy! lol. I'm just kidding around about the crazy, twitching stuff. But I really can read minds. That's no lie. ;) That doesn't make me psychic though. I don't know the future, only the present. Like when Ron tells me that certain things don't bother him, and he is saying it for my benefit, not because it is true, I know it. But I won't discourage him, because he is saying the things I like to hear, whether they are true or not. That works out well for me.

Okay, well, it's almost 11:30. Ron and Elizabeth will be home from the Christian brainwashing session in 30 minutes. I need to get in the shower now. You should see my tan lines. I've been going to the tanning bed to get dark for the wedding. I have to wear a thong in the tanning bed so I don't burn those delicate parts. Here is a picture of my thong tan line.

LOL. C-ya.

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