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My Exotic Vacations and Travels

Here I am in Jamaica, where the oceans sparkle like blue sapphires. The sunset was gorgeous. After watching it set, we went out dancing and partying with the locals. I had those cute little braids put all over my hair, and this odd little Jamaican dude offered me a smoke. They really have some strong cigarettes! Not like Marlboro Lights at ALL! I got a nicotine rush that lasted all night! I wish they sold those kind of cigarettes in the United States.

Here I am standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in France. Touring the historical sites in Europe is outstanding. I recommend getting out that way if you get the chance.

I actually met a guy named, what else... Pierre! I told him how in America we think every French guy is named Pierre, and he only proved to me that our assumptions are correct.

He said to me, "Parlez vous Francais?" and I responded, "Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?" He looked at me strangely, then he leaned in closer... and kissed me! I don't know why. He must think American girls are easy. (Probably because they are, hahaha.) Pierre and I shared a romantic affair that I'll never forget. Thanks for the good times, Pierre!

This, of course, is Tokyo. The tiny little Japanese people were so kind and helpful to us during our visit. As you can see in the picture, it was raining and I had no umbrella. A few minutes after this was taken, a local woman came up and offered me her umbrella.  She said, "Oya lotta iyako." ("Here's an umbrella for you, pretty lady.)" I replied to her in my best Japanese, "Inkatokwa oy karate." As it turns out, that actually means, "I don't eat baked Chihuahuas." She looked at me strangely... I'm not sure if it's because of what I said or because she can't imagine why anyone could turn down a baked Chihuahua. She still let me have her umbrella though. :) What sweet people!

Here I am on the surface of Mars. That was such an incredible experience! As you can see by the shadows in the picture, it was getting rather late when this photo was taken. Let me tell you, it gets very COLD at night on Mars (around −67 F.) I was forced to change out of my favorite green tank top and into something a tad warmer.

Just behind me there you can see the Rover. It's collecting samples of the Mars surface for all you Earthlings. I suppose Mars would be a decent place to live, from what I've seen. We just need to put up a few shopping malls and houses. Otherwise, I think it's pretty livable. I'm sure it won't be too much longer before we'll have regular space tours. Then everyone (not just special people like me) will get to see the beauty and splendor Mars has to offer.

Here I am sitting in the living room of the home I occupied in my past life. It was one of my favorite places to haunt before my current incarnation.

So there I was, sitting in my old living room, quietly haunting the house. Then, all of a sudden, the lady of the house, Mrs. Buttsworth, came up and took my photo! Can you believe the nerve of her? I hovered over her bed and made spooky noises every time she tried to sleep for about a month afterward. "Oooooooh.... Woooooaaaaaaaah!!!....." Like that.

Marie looked me up on Facebook in my current life and sent me this photo of myself haunting her home in my past life. I figured it was interesting enough to share on my website. I hope you like it.

This is me haunting my old Victorian home from the 18th century. Pretty cool, huh? You have to be super-witchy to be able to get a photo of yourself haunting a house. It's kind of long story how I wound up with this photo. Maybe I'll tell you about it later.

Check out the awesome fan mail I got for this page!

"....I saw your exotic vacations... can I ask were you really in your past life? Also were you really on Mars? Well I hope to hear from you Starwitch!!!"

You can read more of my dumb emails here.

Thanks for reading the page I made way back in the year 1998, before some of you were even born. :)


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