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Sept 6, 2005


This week I'd like to share a spell with you that should be helpful to most of the teenagers out there, and many adults as well. It's a confidence spell. Confidence is really everything when you want to meet new people or find a new love. If you have confidence (not arrogance or bitchiness - there's a thin line), you won't need love spells because people will be magnetically drawn to you. You don't need to be rich or wear the trendiest clothes to be confident. It's just about being the best you can be and looking your best whenever possible. Not everyone is naturally beautiful, but everyone can do certain things to look their best (and you DON'T need breast implants - I'm an A cup, and you know I'm hot and men love me. If that's not proof enough, just look at Shakira!.) It's all about the confidence factor. So here is a spell that will help you develop the confidence you may not have naturally.


Confidence Spell

What you'll need:

  • A shell (or some other trinket you can carry around with you)

  • Yellow candle

Light the candle and hold it in your right hand. Say:

"Please give me confidence, so I can be the best
I failed it once, but now I will be better than the rest"

Pass the shell through the flame and say:

"May this be my lucky charm so my wish can come true"

Kiss the shell for good luck and pass it through the flame one last time and say:

"May my charm help me in all I do"

Now, simply carry your confidence charm around with you. Keep it in your purse, pocket, backpack, or wherever. If you need confidence in a certain situation, you can reach in your pocket and feel the shell to remind you of the confident person that you are! Good luck!


I have added lots of new spells to the website in the past week. You may not be aware, but when you are on the Book of Shadows page on the site, you can click any of the headings to go to a page that lists the spells under that heading. The headings don't look like links, so you probably never tried to click them. There are also two main spells pages, which I have linked to below, plus a Love Spells page that lists all the love spells.

Click the links below to visit any of these pages:

Book of Shadows - Book of Shadows Page 2 - Love Spells

Weather Spells - I added spells for rain, storms, sunny weather, and a snow day spell.

Sleep Spells and Dream Magick - Stop nightmares, dream of the future, help you sleep, dream of a deceased loved one.

Spirits, Ghosts, and Spirit Guides - Spells to get rid of unwanted spirits, contact your spirits guide, and conjure spirits.

Thoughtforms and Spirits - Great article that explains what thoughtforms are and how to use them.

Car and Travel Spells - Anti-accident spells, protection from thieves, car protection, find a parking space, more.

Self-improvement Spells - Stop smoking (and other habits), banish personal negativity, and self-improvement spells.

School Spells - New spells include revenge against cheaters (on games, tests, etc.), stopping gossip, and getting good grades.

Uncrossing Spells - Breaking spells that you have cast, or that someone has cast on you.

Money Spells - Several new money spells have been added.

These are just a few of the new spells I have added recently. There are hundreds more on the site in many other categories that aren't listed here, so come visit when you get a chance and collect some spells for your personal Book of Shadows. I also added a new Disclaimer to the Book of Shadows page to explain a bit about the spells and why I don't answer specific questions about the them. Please read that before you write to me to ask me about the spells.

I hope you got something from this newsletter. It's been nice chatting with you all, and you'll be hearing from me again soon!




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