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Nov. 22, 2005


Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I'd like to share some spells to help promote peace and happiness during a time that seems to be quite stressful for many families. Although I haven't personally experienced this with my family, I've heard all about it on TV. Uncle Bud gets drunk every Thanksgiving. He starts kicking Aunt Martha's butt. Mamaw and Papaw jump and raise hell and soon everyone is fighting and screaming. Sound familiar? I sure hope not. I'm giving you two spells for a peaceful Thanksgiving - one is more complicated and involves using some herbs. The second one has quite a few items that you need, but they are probably easier to find for most people. If you really cannot find any of the items needed, but you still want to do the spell, just rearrange it so that it works for you. It's the meditation and intent that you put into a spell that makes it work. The rest of the things are basically just props to help you focus your energy. Some herbs really are good for relaxation purposes though, so they can be helpful as well. But remember, it is your intent, your beliefs, the words that you speak, and the thoughts that you have that really create and control your life. If your thoughts are positive, that will go a very long way for you.


Spell for a Peaceful Home

This spell is very good if there is a lot of turmoil or stress in the household.
Do the following spell, and while doing so, remember to focus on your intent for a peaceful household.
Sew a small pouch of lavender cloth.
Place a small trinket in the pouch for each member of your household.
Add to this a pinch each of lavender, rose and chamomile, before placing each pinch in the
pouch, remember to hold it for a moment and REALLY focus, finally, add a small amethyst.
Now, anoint a lavender or pink candle with peace oil (or olive oil or vanilla extract) and then light it.
Sit in front of the candle and hold the pouch in your hands and whisper the following chant
over it softly 3 times:

"Blessed Goddess, most gentle one, calm my home for me.
Relieve all tension, send it far, so from stress we shall be free.
Touch my family with peace and calm, and the sweetest softest bliss,
Bless my home, Great Gentle Goddess, with your calming kiss."

Set the pouch with the candle. Allow the candle to burn down completely.
Hang the pouch in your home, preferably in the room where everyone gathers the most.
Whenever tension seems to build, repeat the above chant 3 times and envision peace and tranquility radiating from the pouch and The Goddess.


Anger Claming Spell

The spell should be done on a Friday night if possible, or whenever there is need of it. Formal circle casting is not necessary, but may be performed if you so desire.

Needed Items:

  • 3 light blue (or white) candles (votives are good for this)

  • 3 pieces of light blue (or white) paper

  • Peace Oil (or olive oil or vanilla extract)

  • Peace Incense (or vanilla or sandalwood)

  • A blue ink pen

  • A fire-proof receptacle (such as an empty jar with a lid)

Step 1: Inscribe each candle with 2 of the following runes:

Neid: To help calm distressed emotions
Gifu: To restore one's mental equilibrium and perspective
Beorc: To bring harmony back into the household
Sigel: To bring healing to all effected
Kenaz: To renew peace within the family
Ing: To bring a positive ending to the situation

While carving the candles, be sure to visualize the person who is the object of the spell as being happy, calm and relaxed. See any problems between the two of you as having already been resolved in a way that promotes growth, mutual respect and understanding (not necessarily agreement which may not be possible... just agreeing to disagree and letting the matter drop).

Step 2: Anoint each candle with the Peace Oil, again visualizing the other person and you living in harmony with all quarrels forgiven and forgotten. As you do so, chant:

"Dragons of hearth, Dragons of home,
Stable as Earth, Stable as stone,
Lend me your strength, lend me your calm
Help me to make this magical balm."

Step 3: Light the peace incense and light the candles. Write the person's name on each piece of paper in blue ink, and pass each one through the smoke of the incense and say:

"As smoke fades to nothing, so does the anger that lies between [name] an me.
Let no harsh word or ill feeling remain that may cloud our hearts or minds."

Light each piece of paper from a different candle and place it in the fire-proof receptacle. As you light each one, chant:

"Peace I send from me to you,
Love I send to follow through.
From this anger be set free,
As I will, so mote it be!"

Let the candles burn themselves out if possible. If not, try to burn the candles for two hours each day/night until they burn out. If you cast a formal circle close it as usual.


Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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