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Last night, I was in an altered state and Ron and I were sitting on his couch in the garage enjoying listening to the rain and being quiet. I had some deep thoughts that I was sure were revelations to me. I was communicating with my higher self, even joking with them to the point where I giggled out loud once.

I would try to bring myself to a higher level of consciousness (away from human concerns) by being silent and trying to see myself from a higher perspective, from the perspective of my Higher Self (what Robert Monroe calls his "I-There" - the "I" that resides "There" or EXCOM - Executive Committee). I was like, "I CAN do this. Just watch!" And then my nose itched and I automatically scratched it which brought me back down to my regular level. I got the impression that they had done that as a joke to show me who's in control. I thought it was pretty funny and I laughed aloud to myself.

I would try to shut off my thoughts and focus on being centered (which I have been doing by focusing literally on the center of my body and just trying to go in and in and in through the center, if that makes sense.) I would do well for a little while and that is when I would be in touch with my higher self, but then a thought would occur to me and I would follow that thought, away from my higher self, back into daily concerns, dumb stuff that doesn't matter. Then I would realize what I had done and try again.

I had a realization that THIS is the reason why we are allowed to incarnate in human bodies - so that we can learn to get our thoughts under control and direct them where we want them instead of just going wherever our thoughts take us. Because our consciousness IS thought, so whatever we think is what we become, literally, in the spirit world.

We could get lost in a thought for centuries and it really wouldn't matter that much since the Universe and our soul is infinitely huge. But since we (meaning our personalities) have shown that we have potential as a spirit in our own right, we have been given this opportunity for self-improvement and growth.

Occasionally, during a deep meditation, during sleep, or while tripping, we have been able to move into the upper realms of our Higher Self, and so they know us there and recognize us. Although they want us to stay there with them since they know it would be much more pleasant for us there, they know that we probably won't stay for long since our idle thoughts and concerns will draw us away.

You must learn to keep your thoughts under strict control to be able to go to the upper realms and stay there. Otherwise, you will think of something silly and float away with your thoughts.

That is why we are in the human body - that way we can't float away every time we have a thought. We're given the opportunity to stay in one place for an extended period of time so that we can ask ourselves the important questions like, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" and "What am I supposed to be doing now?" We never get the chance to ask those questions in the spirit world simply because when we aren't in a human body, it's like we are in a dream. Our consciousness just goes wherever our thoughts lead us and we have very little control over it. Only after we "wake up" from the dream (which can be done easiest through human form) can we decide to make the changes necessary to get out of that seemingly never-ending trap that we were in.

I've found that practicing meditation and using psychedelics are some of the most effective ways to get out of the trap of ignorance. I believe that psychedelics such as mushrooms and Ibogaine were given to us by the spirits so that we would have a way to access our Higher Selves while we are on the Earth in this state of ignorance. This can also be done through MDMA if your intention is to use it for spiritual purposes. I'm going to change my reality so that all of these types of helpful plants/drugs are legal for spiritual use.

In order to gain access to the higher realms and stay there, you have to learn to keep your mind silent. Deepak Chopra said that if you maintain silence (no reading, TV, talking, etc.) for three days straight, your mind will eventually stop trying to talk. At first it will be very difficult and it will seem like you're going to go crazy if you don't speak. If you don't allow your mouth to voice the thoughts that you are having, the thoughts will scream and scream at you, trying to force you to speak, but if you stay with it, the thoughts will eventually die out. Your mind will decide that there is no point in keeping these idle thoughts going since you aren't going to speak them out loud. It will give up the constant chatter and leave you in peace. Your mind will then be in silence and you will be able to control your thoughts and direct them towards your own ends.

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