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The Salem Witch Museum in Salem, MA
Witch Trials Info

For My Sisters by Nikolai Angelus Stone (angel1592)
"For My Sisters" by
Nikolai Angelus Stone


From Witches:

For all those who died -
stripped naked, shaved, shorn.

For all those who screamed
in vain to the Great Goddess
only to have their tongues
ripped out at the root.

For all those who were pricked, racked, broken on the wheel
for the sins of their Inquisitors.

For all those whose beauty
stirred their torturers to fury;
& for all those whose ugliness did the same.

For all those who were neither ugly nor beautiful,
but only women who would not submit.

For all those quick fingers
broken in the vise.

For all those soft arms
pulled from their sockets.

For all those budding breasts
ripped with hot pincers.

For all those midwives killed merely for the sin
of delivering man
to an imperfect world.

For all those witch-women, my sisters,
who breathed freer
as the flames took them,

knowing as they shed
their female bodies,
the seared flesh falling like fruit
in the flames,

that death alone would cleanse them
of the sin for which they died

the sin of being born a woman,
who is more than the sum
of her parts.

Copyright 1981 Erica Mann Jong, all rights reserved.
Used by permission of the poet.


Murder Victims and Murderers involved in the witch trials
A list of the people involved in the Salem Witch Trials and a short biography of each.

List and short biographies of the people who were convicted of witchcraft in Salem.

Historical Background of the Salem Witch Trials

Books about the Salem Witch Trials

Best Link:

National Geographic's Interactive Salem Witch Hunt
This page lets you "live out" (through story) what it would have been like to have been accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.

Ron and I visited the Witch Dungeon Museum in Salem, Mass. Below are the pictures we took of the dungeon. Although the jail is a re-creation of the original dungeon which is no longer standing, it was still pretty disturbing in there. The cells are the actual size of the real cells used in the original jail. You see the tortures that people went through and the horrible conditions of the jail. It's really just so sad. The fact that people would treat others this way is abhorrent. It makes me cry to think about what these poor women, and even men and children, went through.

I'm planning to go back to New England, so I hope to see more of Salem, maybe visit some cemeteries or other sites that I missed last time, since I was only there for one afternoon the first time I visited. It's a very witchy town with several pagan stores in a small area. I even found a gold pentacle pendent in one of the jewelry stores, which was hard to find back then.

You can either view pictures one at a time and use your Back button, or you can click the "Next" button provided under each enlarged picture to view them all. Sorry the pics are kind of small. I made this a few years ago when I had a smaller monitor.

Heather standing outside the Salem Witch Dungeon Museum in Salem, Mass. Ron in the stockade outside Salem Witch Dungeon Museum. Heather in stockade.
Witch Dungeon Museum in Salem Witches hanged in Salem. Giles Corey was pressed to death under heavy rocks.
Actual wooden beam from the old Salem jail. Close up of plaque on the wooden beam from old Salem jail. The beam again.
Witches in jail cell in Salem. Tituba and other in jail. Chained up lady in dungeon in Salem.
Lady in tiny cell. Lady chained to wall in tiny cell. Two women in cell in Salem.
Heather in stockade in Salem Witch Dungeon. Heather with hanging people. Torture in the Salem Witch Dungeon.


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