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Spell to Aid Sleep

El Escondite by Elena Dudina

Light a blue candle (Carve a rune in the candle that stands for sleep).

Light a stick of incense (I use Cedar/Sage--but you use whatever feels right).

Soft/Instrumental/Relaxing Sounds


By this candle I do sleep;
Hidden from the day, in the night so deep.
O Lady Moon, guide my dreams,
Cover me with your beautiful beams.
As the candle flame dies;
Please close my eyes.
Allow me to wake in the warmth of your lover, the Sun. Make my insomnia come undone.

Repeat while the candle is burning. Use a tea-light candle (so the house doesn't burn down)


Here is a sleep rune that I found that you can use. I'm sure there are others if you look around the Internet for them.

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