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A Spell for When You Feel Hurt by Someone

Freydoon Rassouli - "Fountain of Grace"

I was harboring really vengeful, angry feelings towards someone who had really hurt me and (especially) my friend. I really wanted to make her pay. I wanted her to feel what we felt. But then someone told me that when someone does something to hurt another, they will receive ten times the hurt back from that person. I thought about it, and it's true! When someone hurts you, think of all the thoughts that enter your head, all the things you want to do to get back at them. Do they really deserve what you think they do? Or is everything really just out of proportion? Personally, I think ten times returned is a bit extreme. In most cases, when you try to look at the situation objectively, casting a horrific, pain-inducing spell on them to get revenge is really inappropriate and uncalled for. This little philosophy really spoke to me, and I hope it does for others. So thank you to 'Magick101Teacher' who told me it. It inspired me to write this spell instead. It calls upon angels and their specific abilities.

Chant as many times as you feel necessary:

Oh angels of near, far and wide, I ask thee to help, support and guide.
Oh angelic messenger, Gabriel, please make note of what I wish to tell.
Once this spell is done, your power may you lend
The message I need (name) to know, I pray that you may send.

I call upon you Ongkanon - may communications flow,
May any barriers between me and (name) go.
I call upon you Muriel - let him/her become emotionally aware,
That his/her actions invoke pain and hurt, and seem really unfair.
I call upon you Rhamiel- please help us understand one another,
Let us both feel empathy and learn to love each other.
I call upon you Gavreel - let us both make peace,
Let any negativity between me and (name) cease.
Now I call upon Gazardiel, the angel of fresh starts,
I pray that we can start anew, and find harmony in our hearts.

Angels, Ongkanon, Muriel, Rhamiel, Gavreel, and Gazardiel, angels so divine,
May the wishes that I asked of you, into one message, intertwine.
Now please take this message Gabriel, please send it on its way.
On me and (name) may it's lesson never fade.

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