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Q - "How do I be a Wiccan and a Christian? Don't spells work best when they're made up?"

A - Wicca is a way of life - like other earth spiritualities, such as Native American shamanism. We use nature as our guide. The elements (air, fire, water, earth), Mother Earth, Father Sky, the seasons - these are our teachers.

There is no singular book of wisdom for Wiccans like the Bible for Christianity, the Qu'ran for Islam or Torah for Jews. You are your own book that reveals itself slowly. Your book began as the breath of spirit as you entered this human world. You had access to the knowledge of the Spirit World, but as your human experience became more pronounced, you forgot how to co-create with the Divine and your book had few words with many blank pages. But in time, with experience and an open heart, you will learn and the wisdom about yourself and your connection to the Divine will appear as words on the pages and will be written on your heart and soul. And you will learn how to create a world of your choosing like a painter creates worlds on a canvas.

That said, spells will be more powerful for you if you create them because they are tailored specifically to your needs. But as you are learning to trust your intuition, discovering what the symbols, colors, animals, etc. mean to you, and finding out what magick looks and feels like, working with other's spells is considered good practice.

Since you are your own book, you can incorporate any philosophy into your spiritual practice. You can be a Wiccan and adore Jesus. You can be a witch and still pray to the saints. It's all up to you. There's no wrong way to do it. Just create harmony.


Jamie Martinez Wood is a teacher and the author of eight books on empowerment, magic, earth spirituality, and Latino culture. A firm believer in the power of writing, Jamie has kept a diary since she was eleven years old, and she still has that first one. Her passion is to provide support and encouragement to young women on their life’s journey. She teaches workshops, leads retreats, and gives performances on personal power, seasonal living, the faerie essence of herbs and ritual ceremony. She conducts classroom visits and assemblies on writing, publishing, and self-esteem. Visit her at www.JamieMartinezWood.com.



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