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Water Closet Spell
Spell to Make your Lover Leave You
Silver Ravenwolf - Silver's Spells for Love

Begin this spell on a Saturn day. In emergencies, another day will do, but it will require your best effort during a Saturn hour to begin the spell. After that, it's easy.

Supplies: A new pen with black ink, ballpoint or felt tip: bathroom tissue.

Instructions: Write the full name of your unwanted lover on a piece of bathroom tissue with your new pen, followed by the word BEGONE! in capital letters (include the exclamation point.) Drop the tissue into the water of a clean commode. Perform the natural function for which you had entered the rest room to begin with. Close the lid and flush. Do not look back. This must be done at every visit to the restroom, even the ones in the middle of the night, for ten consecutive days. This means you must have your pen handy at all times, and you must NEVER use it for writing anything else, for any other purpose, or the spell will be broken (not to mention the effects it would have on the other writing purpose.) After midnight of the tenth day has passed, throw the pen away (daylight hours on the next day is fine.) Do not use a trash can in your home or place of employment. A public waste can away from your daily living environment is best.

The results of this spell are that the unwanted lover will abruptly depart, or they will begin making noises about how the relationship is no longer satisfactory, etc., and how it might be better for each to go their own way. They will be inclined to leave of their own accord. Should such a dialogue open, encourage it.

Warning: If the unwanted lover should leave before the end of the ten-day spell, or begin making remarks that separation would be beneficial before the end of the ten-day spell, DO NOT cease the spellwork. Otherwise they will leave and come back, change their mind about leaving, or other situations associated with the relationship will come back to haunt you later. It is important that you finish the entire ten days.

Advantages: Cleaner than a Witch's bottle. No burying or other disposal (other than throwing out the pen) required. Discreet and private.

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