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Meditative Magick

"Faerie Guardians" by Howard Johnson

(This spell may look long in writing, but it really isn't in practice, so please bear with me! It's worth it! I've heard of people who use astral projection when using incantations, as they believe this allows them to be on a more spiritual level whilst casting. This is all very well, but lets face it, astral projection isn't the easiest or most time-efficient practice. If you are planning on only saying an incantation, and it is one you can memorize quite happily, then maybe you'll find this a better alternative. It definitely makes a simple spell feel more magickal when you are casting.)

This can take as much or as little time as you feel you need.

First you need to sit or lay in a position that is comfortable for you, that allows you to breathe properly and relax. You may wish to light incense or play soothing music in the background if you feel this helps you concentrate. Close your eyes and go to a place where you feel calm, happy, and safe.

Once you've found your special place, you can return to it every time you meditate. When you're comfortable, start to incorporate the elements into the environment around you. See a stretch of water, feel the wind through your hair, feel the earth underneath you. Fire is a little more tricky to incorporate- I usually include it as a spiritual ring of fire around me. 'Inviting' the elements like this is the meditative equivalent to casting the circle.

Next, envision a brilliant white light coming down from above. It is warm and inviting. It encloses you and it fills you with love. Absorb it into your body and allow it to resurface as balls of light on both of your upturned palms.

Say the incantation or chant of the spell and envision the light stretching out from your hands (but always remaining connected to your palms) and travelling across the waters, away from your place of solitude. It travels until it reaches the person you are casting the spell upon, and it encloses them.

While this is happening, concentrate on exactly what it is you want the spell to achieve. Tell them your feelings etc. Once you're satisfied that your spell is done, say 'The spell is done, so mote it be!'

Let the light travel back to you, and absorb it once more. It does not need to go back up where it came from- it is your Magick now- you can keep it.

Watch the elements fade away, and when you're ready, open your eyes and end the meditation.


~ A common meditative 'place' is a beach, but it's important that you choose one that is personal to you. Personally, I feel a lot more at home in woodland.

~If you want to cast a spell on yourself, let the light travel away from the 'you' in the meditation to the 'you' sitting in your room meditating.

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