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Positive Mental Health Spell

Butterfly Kisses by Jessica Allain
"Butterfly Kisses" by Jessica Allain

Spell for Positive Mental Health

by Sakura Blossom

Items needed:

  • Red candle - This represents courage and strength. If another color speaks to you, use that one.

  • Oil that speaks to you the most, to anoint the candle.

  • Something to carve into the candle with.



Start by anointing your candle with an oil of your choice. Preferably something that helps alleviate depression, stress and any harmful/negative emotions you wish to eliminate. Of course, any oil that speaks to you can be used! This is all about personalization to fit you best. When you finish, carve into the side of the candle the word "Happiness" and place back into your candle holder. Light the candle and close your eyes, envisioning the flame and the light engulfing your entire body.

Then say this three times (or if another number speaks to you, use that one):

"Grant me strength to feel well,
Good bye feelings of anger and despair,
Nothing but light and joy will be felt from here on out,
While leaving room for the occasional shout."

Let the candle keep burning as well, to simulate all of your negative emotions leaving your body. As the candle gets smaller, so do your unhappy thoughts and feelings until you are left with nothing but positive light and happiness.

You are welcome to print this spell or copy it into your Book of Shadows for non-commercial purposes, so long as you attribute it to Sakura Blossom. This spell is not to be published on any other website.

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