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Obsession Love Spell

Magic by Morteque

Items Needed:

  • Jar

  • Cotton

  • 1 piece of brown paper

  • Red Pen

  • Red Candle


Write your full name and your beloved's full name (as much of it as you know) on the piece of paper. Put the piece of paper inside the jar and surround the paper with cotton, filling the jar the rest of the way with the cotton. Tighten the jar and put it under your bed. Light the red candle and meditate on your love until the candle has burned out.

Warning: Do not open to take the jar from under the bed or the spell will be broken. (If you wish to break the spell, simply remove the jar from under the bed, open it and dispose of the contents in the trash, then remove the trash from your house when you can.)

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