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Planetary Dedication Spell

For this spell you will need:
1 White candle
7 Powers Oil
Druid or Alter Blend Incense.

Erect circle and after the quarter calls stand in the center facing East. As you chant this dedication turn deosil slowly enough to complete only one full turn for each invocation (dedication). This must be done five times. Dedication follows:

We charge the energies of our Sun "NUADA" to light the flame of prosperity within us. We charge the winged symbol of Mercury / Hermes to bestow the wisdom of it's mysteries. From Venus the symbol of beauty we command love, happiness and joy. In Mars we place out trust to keep our inner energies and power a flow. To Jupiter we entrust the giving forth of our inner growth and outer abundance. We charge the solvent of Saturn with the deepening of our understanding. And, from our Lady Avaluna the Moon we shall receive the secrets of the tides of Life and Death.

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