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Rain Spell


This poem might seem a bit silly but it does work you will need:
a map of the area you want the rain some rice
bowl filled with water or small river
you may wish to add candles/incense to suit you
Conjure up your magic circle
Place the rice over the exact area you wish it to rain and chant the following:
on these places that there is rice
some seasonal rain would be nice
but not so much the rain should flood
or those in need would drown in mud
Anu and Lou blessed be
and as my will so mote it be

(*note* anu and lou are another name for god and goddess)
say this till you feel is right the fold the map with the rice still in it and submerge in water.
Thank the gods again and close the circle. it should rain in a week or so--or repeat if needed you can slightly change the chant to suit your needs

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