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A Spiritual Meditation Chant to the Goddess

Spells by Kitty

Hey Starwitch! Thanks for posting my healing spell on the website. Here is a chant I originally made to help me focus before meditating, but I got a strange effect from it and it would be interesting to see if anyone else experiences it.

"Sorceress" by Manuel Libres Librodo Jr

Goddess please send in flight,
Sight from up above,
Let it fill me up with light,
Let it fill me up with love.

Please take me to a place,
Where I feel so much at home.
A special private space,
Where my mind is free to roam.

From my body I am free,
Like a bird my spirit soars,
I am now at peace and ease,
Walking through the spiritual door.

I originally meant for this chant to be called with my eyes closed, but instead I  repeated it 3 times while focusing on my shrine and found that my vision became cloudy and it looked like my room had filled with a white aura, apart from the space where my shrine is, which remained crystal clear.  As I kept repeating the chant, it became even more so, and it looked like the aura was moving, sort of like a fog rolling in. It was strange, and I guess, even though I wrote it, I don't really know what exactly my spell does! Ha ha! Try it if you like, and if it works for you, please consider putting it on the website- maybe someone can figure it out! Lol

Love, light and blessings,

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