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Tarot "Lovers Card" Love Spell

"The Lovers" card from The Gilded Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti and Barbara Moore

To make the object of your desire consider you as a potential partner, and to encourage them to decide whether they would like to be with you (without actually forcing them to fall in love with you), do the following:

Whilst meditating on the Lovers tarot card, chant three times:

Oh Tarot spirit of the lovers, bring a lover to me.
Oh Tarot spirit of the lovers (name of person) is who I want it to be.
Send them thoughts of love and lust of them and I together,
By the red sting of destiny may I hold them on a tether.
Tonight may they dream of sweet romance and passion,
Let them think of them and I that before they could never imagine.
And when they awake, may I be in their mind, pulling at the strings of their heart,
Oh tarot spirit of the lovers, let me make my mark.
They will think of no one else, other than them and I,
And every time they think of me, they will feel a high.
When we meet their knees shall weaken, and their skin will blush,
When they look into my eyes, they will get a rush.
Full of confusion and bitter-sweet emotion they will not know what to do.
Acting on impulse and instinct so human, they'll decide if they want me too.

By Kitty

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