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Stevie Nicks - The Queen of Rock

Here is the lovely Ms. Nicks. She's sooo witchy and beautiful.


"Sisters of the Moon" - Mirage Tour (P.S. Stevie Rules)You should hear Stevie wail here in a minute during this song. I don't guess you can hear it through the picture, but I can assure you that IT IS BAD AS HELL!! Stevie rocks out like you wouldn't believe! This is a picture of her singing "Sisters of the Moon" on the Mirage Tour video (with Fleetwood Mac.) That concert ROCKS! It's my favorite. :)


Doesn't she look sweet?Here is a cute picture of Stevie when she was young. Sitting there all innocent like she doesn't realize that she will one day be the QUEEN OF ROCK MUSIC!


Check out my new, almost finished Stevie Nicks videos page where I've posted all of her witchiest videos and songs. It also includes a 2006 Interview with Stevie Nicks where the writer talks about how people think Stevie Nicks is a witch and how she responds to that. Also, Stevie tells how she's "not looking for somebody to fill up my life," and how (regarding her child-free status) "it's much more fun to be the crazy auntie than it is to be the mom, anyway. I couldn't do what I'm doing if I had kids."

Witchy Stevie Videos

Is Stevie Nicks a witch?

Here's an MP3 of Stevie denying that she's a witch if you want to download it.

Offsite Links
The Nicks Fix - The Official Stevie Nicks Website. (Stevie actually talks to this guy John Kinney. Needless to say, I find this very impressive!)




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