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How Do I Learn Wicca?
("Teach Me to Be a Witch!")

Artist Jim Warren

I know it feels lonely when you're first starting out as a Wiccan. You want to find like-minded people to talk to and learn from. You may even be wondering if I could be your teacher. But learning about the occult isn't like learning math in school, where a teacher just sits you down and tells you what you need to know. To learn Wicca, you need to be willing to seek answers and spend time reading and practicing by yourself, at home or in nature.

Most Wiccans are of above-average intelligence, so they don't require someone else to baby-step them through the learning process. They simply buy the books, read the websites (with a healthy dose of skepticism of course - don't just believe everything you read on occult site, not even this site. Please know that I didn't write all of the content here myself, and even if I had, you don't know me, so what makes you think you can just believe what I say?) learn about Wicca in this way.

Sure, there are "magic schools" out there that claim they will teach you, but I would strongly advise you to be cautious about who you get involved with. I've gotten to know many people in the magical community over the past ten years and I've been taught again and again not to trust anyone that I don't know from real life. There's a reason that these "teachers" are out there seeking students and followers, and it's not typically a good reason. Cult leaders are the same way. It gives them a feeling of superiority and power to know that other people depend on them and trust them for information. Some schools are going to want your money (even if they say it's "free". They will still try to convince you to buy things). Some schools are just operated by psychotic people who love having that kind of power and influence over you. Please just learn on your own and don't ask every Tom, Dick, and Sally you meet if they'll "PLEEEASE!!!" be your teacher. You're going to wind up asking the wrong person and get yourself hurt. (Where in the world did kids get the idea that they could go online and ask complete strangers to "teach" them anything? Where are these kids' parents, for crying out loud?!)

I simply don't have the time to run this website, live my life, and also train new witches in the Craft. My job is to put as much information as I can here on my website so you'll have the resources to learn about Wicca on your own.

I would advise you to be extremely cautious when seeking a mentor in the magical arts. Despite what a few authors have said to the contrary, there ARE dark witches who are into black magick, and they are typically the ones who are the most eager to train you. So if you're a dark, evil person, then that would be great for you. But if you're a sweet, loving person who just wants to use magic for good, you'd do better to teach yourself. How do you teach yourself, you ask?

I recommend that you start with this page:

Learn to Be a Witch

Another page that answers a lot of questions that young witches often have is the Disclaimer Page, which I really need to think of a new title for. But it does go over the basic questions that I receive.

Starwitch's Questions and Answers are my personal opinions about some of the magical and mundane issues that I've received letters about. If you're really left-brained/logical-minded, you'll agree with a lot of things I say. If you tend towards more magical thinking, it'll probably just piss you off.

If you have questions about Love Spells you can read this thread to see what experienced and non-experienced witches have to say about the subject.

Some other topics that are covered on the forum include:

All About Spells and spellwork - Witches' opinions on spell work, magic, how these things work, and what kind of issues can be addressed through magic.

Ouija Boards - All about Ouija boards - The dangers of them, whether to use one, what to use it for.

Consider joining the message board, where there's over 10,000 posts, tons of information, spells, rituals, the Book of Shadows forum, and also a chat room where you can talk to other witches. I'm even there occasionally too. :)



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