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The following are testimonials from people who have used the services of Calastrology.com and would like to share their story.

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Every single one of these testimonials is absolutely real. They are sent to us by clients from all over the world--by people just like you. And, of course, they are only used with permission.

Dear CAA,

I was heartbroken that my boyfriend decided to leave the relationship, so I had the
Retrieve a Lover spell cast. Within a week of the spell casting, he called "just to talk." After some pleasant talks and catching up, he asked to see me again.

I felt he had started to turn around. I decided to date someone else just to see. He is absolutely crazy about me now and DOES see the good in me that I had hoped he would.

I am a college grad with a highly professional job. I was looking for answers. I got them.

I was so thrilled that I had the Money Spell
cast a few months later. Within days I got a letter from the child support office that my child support was increasing by $172 a month!

California Astrology professionals: THANK YOU.

Syracuse, NY

Dear CAA,

Thank you with all my heart for making all my wishes and dreams come true... My husband plays the horses all the time. You put a spell on him over four years ago. And he came home with $18,000. He won every race and every exacta that day.

P. Lusky
Baldwin Park, CA

Dear CAA,

I was a very lonely man... In January
Andreika cast a spell to find an Asian lady for me. The first Sunday in March I met a wonderful Vietnamese woman. We were engaged in six weeks and married the following year. Andreika has given me the lady of my dreams.

Bloomington, MN


Dear CAA,

Thank you so much for your help with my finances. You cast the
Money Spell on May 1st, and the next day I received a $75 child support check that I thought I would never get. Then on May 12th I received three more in the same amount. On May 19th two more checks for $75 came, and I won $300 in the lottery that night.

East Orange, NJ



Three months ago my husband walked out and left me with two children and an unpaid mortgage. I was unemployed at the time and my savings were diminishing fast. I wrote you a letter and asked you to help me financially. Within weeks I had won a local raffle with winnings totaling over $7,000. Two days later I was hired for a manager's job. Needless to say, my life has changed 100 percent, and I owe it all to you.

Ossining, NY


Dear CAA,

Since July of this year, I had been looking for my green card. A few weeks ago, I asked
Gris-Gris to cast a spell so I could find it immediately. The spell was done on November 6 and on November 12, I found it in my work attaché case. I was amazed.

In addition, the witch Andreika
has made it possible for my case to be settled. All the lawyers could not believe it when the judge sided with me and ordered a quick conclusion of the case. She really uses the power.

Thank you.

Baltimore, MD


Dear CAA,

I really do not know what exactly happened but, definitely it had to be one of the spells:
Retribution, Uncrossing Spell Kit, or Hoodoo Doctor.

I just went through a very difficult time at work that I just got up and left without giving and explanation to anyone. I had problems with my boss and I just about had it with him. I just left him a message on his mobile phone, stating that I have quit. I told him that the letter of resignation was e-mailed to the director stating the reason for my resignation.

The director and assistant director made a special trip to meet with my boss and me. My boss was reprimanded and suspended for one week. I was reinstated without loss of pay, benefits, or time from work. They told me that if I ever need anything that all I have to do is call them.

You do not know how grateful and fortunate I am to have found your web-site. I was very desperate looking for help and support in a super-natural way. There are still other issues that still need to be taken care of and I will definitely reinforce the spell pretty soon for a legal action regarding a different issue with your help. Again, thank you very, very much. I have found a new family.

El Paso, TX


Dear CAA,

On March 4th
Andreika cast a spell for me to help my daughter end a bad relationship with an abusive boyfriend. Three weeks to the day, her powers worked. My daughter is home with us, and is taking the necessary steps to move on with her life.

Thank you so much Andreika
! I believe!

Donna S.
Munroe Falls, OH


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Testimonials courtesy of Calastrology.com
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Visit the Calastrology Spells page.
Spells that are guaranteed to work or your money back.


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