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The following are testimonials from people who have used the services of Calastrology.com and would like to share their story.

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Wanga Dolls could bring you all that you desire! Absolutely guaranteed to work, or your money back!

Every single one of these testimonials is absolutely real. They are sent to us by clients from all over the world--by people just like you. And, of course, they are only used with permission.

Dear CAA,

Ever since my boyfriend and I broke up, I have been so lonely and heart broken for such a long time. Until I came searching for miracles, and here I was.

I decided to buy a Love Wanga Doll. I bought it in the beginning of May 2002. When the Wanga Doll arrived, I was very surprised and couldn't wait to see what would happen if I said something to it.

I held the love wanga with both of my hands and said, "Wanga, I wish I will have a true love."

Three weeks later, near the end of May, I met a guy. He was the most special person ever!! He was what I had been searching for. Someone who was everything for me.

I know that the Wanga was working on my behalf and I am a true believer!

Thank you so much CAA!!


Dear CAA,

We love our
Wanga Dolls! We purchased the Money Wanga and Luck Wanga and have won money nearly every time at the casinos. We used to bring them with us but now use them in a little ritual at home first. We had a mishap in Las Vegas with friends touching them. As soon as our friend grabbed the Money Wanga from me, the craps table went cold and he lost money for the remainder of the trip! We learned our lesson from that and told him he had to get his own. The dealers love seeing the dolls almost as much as we love having them. The one night I rolled for nearly forty minutes without a break. I went home with a sore arm but richer!

Thanks for great products. We will be ordering more soon.

M.N.B. and J.O.B.
Ann Arbor, MI


Dear CAA,

I purchased a Love Wanga, Money Wanga, and Success Wanga about a month ago. I would say what I wanted to each often. I was unhappy at my job for some time and one day I held my Success Wanga and asked it to help me get another job. That same day, I received a phone call from a place where I had put in an application. They called me for an interview. Two weeks later, I got the job!! This job is much better than the one I have now with more benefits. My
Wanga Doll helped me out in my time of need. I know that my other Wangas will work for me too.



by Shelly Patterson

I sent for my very own Love Wanga and received it on November 8th. That night I told my Wanga that I wanted Mike to tell me he cared for me...

That night I saw two of the biggest and brightest stars I have ever seen hovering next to the moon. At that very moment I smiled, and tears welled up in my eyes. For I knew that this was my sign that my love Wanga was working for me...

On December 4th... he asked me to marry him and told me he loved me!...I'm bursting with happiness that I never knew possible. And I owe it all to you at CAA. I am a true believer.


Dear CAA,

About a year ago, my husband was trying to get a new job desperately. I decided to purchase the Success Wanga. The day it arrived, he used the chants, etc. That afternoon the job (that had no openings) hired him on the spot. Wanga is terrific and works!

Lee Kalish
Bethpage, NY

Dear Sirs:

On the day I received my Luck Wanga doll...I proceeded to make a wish... So, I played a number for 24 and won $25...I recommend it to anyone who needs luck. It works and I am proof. My Wanga doll is alive and real, and I will always use it in time of need.

Susan Thomas
Spokane, WA


by K. John Larson

In May, 1996 I purchased a Luck Wanga. In July, I took off for two days to go up to Laughlin, Nevada, with my Wanga Doll and four hundred dollars.

My first stop was at the Avi Casino just outside the city of Laughlin. In the past this has never been a lucky place for me, but I wanted to test the waters. I started out losing forty dollars. I was going to leave when I put twenty dollars in a dollar machine. On the third pull of the handle I hit for six hundred dollars.

I left that machine and went to another dollar machine and soon hit on that machine for sixteen-hundred dollars. It was then I realized that I had put my Wanga Doll in my right hand shirt pocket. I had put it there before I left home so it would not get broken.

The next day with my Wanga Doll still in my shirt pocket I hit the Laughlin casinos. At the Pioneer I hit twice for eighteen-hundred on the same machine. At Harrah's' I hit twice for fifteen-hundred on the same machine and then sixteen-hundred on a different machine.

In all the times I have been going to Laughlin, Nevada, I have never been this lucky before. I have also enclosed copies of the W-2G forms, which total $9,800.

I do believe in the extraordinary powers of this doll, and on my next trip to Laughlin, my Wanga Doll will be back in my right hand shirt pocket.


Wanga Dolls

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Testimonials courtesy of Calastrology.com
Images courtesy of Calastrology.com

Visit the Calastrology Spells page.
Spells that are guaranteed to work or your money back.


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