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Astral Projection

Astral Travel - OBE - Soul Travel

Thanks for the cool picture, punk.

I'd like to hear about your out-of-body experiences (OBE), astral projections, and/or astral travel experiences (they're different words for the same thing.) I plan to add my own experiences here soon.

Also I plan to discuss sleep paralysis, which is a terrifying condition that I've suffered with for most of my life. Sleep paralysis is also the jumping off point for an OBE for most people.

If you would like to share your experiences here on my website, please email them to me at StarwitchStone@gmail.com. Please let me know that's it's an astral projection/OBE account in your subject line. It may take me a bit of time but I'll eventually get them posted here in this section so that others can read your account. If you want to allow people to contact you, include an email address that you don't mind having posted online.

Techniques for achieving an OBE

Spells for Astral Projection/OBE

Experiences others have had while astral projecting.

Books about OBEs and Astral Projection

Robert Peterson's Bear-Hug Incident
Account of waking up in another world and living there for a very long time.

Robert Monroe's Sex Pile Encounter

Sleep Paralysis

Astral projection images

Off-site Links (opens in new window)

Lucid Immersion Blueprint: Dissolve Your Roadblocks to Advanced Lucid Dreaming

Videos about OBEs and Astral Projection (in case that stops working, it's just a YouTube playlist search for "astral projection")

Robert Monroe

The Monroe Institute & Hemi-Sync® Technology

Robert Bruce

Robert Peterson

Bruce Moen (Read his AP stories)

Rosalind McKnight (video of Rosie)

Albert Taylor (NASA Scientist who wrote an OBE book)

Free Astral Projection Course

Binaural Beat Technology with Free Downloads (YouTube video)

The Out-of-Body Experience

That Strange Falling Sensation - The comments posted below the article are very interesting!

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