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True Ghost Stories

Katherine Dinger Art
"Ghost" by Katherine Dinger

Starwitch's Story:

I saw ghosts when I was a kid, around age 7. It's the reason I ended up getting into weird stuff like the paranormal and spirituality. I'll tell you my ghost story.

I woke up in the middle of the night in my top bunk with my sister sleeping down below. I looked at the bedroom door and saw a spirit standing there, looking at me. She started walking towards me, arms outstretched. She wanted to get me. I turned and screamed, pulling the covers up over my head to try to hide. But I could still see her approaching the bed in my mind's eye. She was next to me now and she reached out to touch me. She grabbed hold of me, and it felt like she was violently shaking me, my bed, and my soul. My sister never felt anything from her bottom bunk. My mother heard me shrieking in terror and she ran in and saved me. I never told her what I saw. I just asked her to cover me up or to get me a glass of water, or I would ask to sleep with her. She would usually tell me wait an hour and if I was still awake, I could come sleep with her. So I would count to 600 (I was only 7) and then get up and go into her room. I would stand over her, watching her, hoping she would wake up and see me. If I had to touch her to wake her up, she was usually very startled and sometimes even yelled out loud, which scared me.

I can only remember two times that I saw a spirit, but it happened frequently over a period of time. One time, the spirit looked like my living grandmother, but she morphed into my (also living) aunt. I have no idea who they were or what they wanted. For all I know, maybe it was my physical body watching my own soul returning from an out-of-body experience. But if it was, it didn't look like me at all. It was frightening and traumatic and I'm really, really glad that it stopped and didn't continue into my adulthood. As an adult, I saw a spirit once, but I don't see them on a regular basis, thank the Goddess. I just happened to be in a haunted hotel room. I'll have to tell you that one later. It was crazy.

I have seen a spirit but I was very young when it happened. I can still remember some of the details though.

Okay, I was about 6 years old. We had just moved into our new house. About three months after we had moved in I was playing in my room, and left to go to the bathroom or something and there was a white man in a three piece brown suit. I saw him and walked downstairs.

"Mommy there is a brown man in the hallway."

My Mother grabbed an empty glass bottle and charged up the stairs, but there was nothing there.

I hadn't seen the Brown Man for about a month, until one night I woke up in the middle of the night. My alarm was going off and I saw a bunch of arms on my bed. Then the lights flickered and I saw him. I screamed and cried! My mother came in and yet again nothing was there.

That was the last time I ever saw him. My mother claims to have seen him in the basement leaning against our water heater though.

Well that's my story.

~Alyssa M. H.

Okay so I have had many experiences with these type of things in my life. I would like to tell u about two of them. First of all I am the oldest of five kids. The youngest two are twins. Before my mom knew she was pregnant, I saw it in one of my dreams. I was eight years old at the time and I always have had these weird dreams. I don't really remember the dream but I do remember waking up and telling my mom she was pregnant. I just had this feeling. My mom told me no she was not but I insisted. She went to a doctor and it turns out she was pregnant. A while later I had another dream about my mom having twins. I told her and she denied it as well. Though since I kept pushing my theory my mom took me to the doctors with her. I told the doctor and he said no threes only one heartbeat. I fought with him and he sent my mom to a special doctor for a ultrasound. After the ultrasound was done the nurse showed my mom that yes indeed there were two babies. If I didn't argue baby A could have of crushed baby B and there would be only one baby. That made sense of the evil noise in my dream. Both of the babies lived and it turned out great no health problems at all.

The second thing is more recently. I had these dreams with a girl coming to me. Her name is Isabella. I could see her clearly and hear her clearly. She tells me little bits like about her life. She died in a car accident. After she told me her problem in my dreams, I started to hear crying in my dreams and the mumbled words HELP ME in Isabella's voice. For some reason I kept seeing her hand in my dream and the words help me over and over. I still haven't figured this one out yet but I haven't been getting as much of these dream lately. If you would like to hear more just email me back. Thanks for listening! 

When I was a kid we lived in this old farm house in the boonies. My sister and I would always hear noises in the attic walking banging etc.

We had a 100lb German shepherd at the time named thunder, and he wouldn't even go near the door leading to attic without barking! I would run past that door every time I pass it!

The old timer down the road told us some guy went nuts and murdered his family up there, and wrote in blood before he killed himself (The devil made me do this) Scares the crap out of me to this day! The house was about a hundred years old win I lived there, and this was in the seventies it still had the original coal chute in the basement.

Anyways long story short, when I was about 9yrs old I got the nerve to go up in the attic, because our parents would hide our Christmas presents up there knowing we wouldn't dare go up there! So my sister and I went up there in the middle of the day and it was about 20 degrees colder up there you could see your breath.

So we are up there and you can feel all the hairs on your body stand up at once. You can just sense the Evil lurking up there, anyways out of the corner of our eyes we see this dark shadow figure coming towards us! Then we hear it say our names in this sinister voice and the door slams shuts on its own, and by now I've pissed myself stupid, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't open that door to save my life!

Thank god after about 30sec I got the door opened and we got the hell out of there, no pun intended. Our parents never did believe us, But did agree the attic was creepy.......creepy my a$$ that attic was frickin' EVIL!! Freaks me out to this day!

True Story! And yes I believe in Ghosts!

I have had abilities since I was young, as has my sister. But, I have to tell you about the best one I ever had. Mind you, at the time, it scared the bejeesus out of me, but when the total scope of it hit me afterward, it was amazing!!!!!

This happened when I was 17. My parents had bought a home that was in dire need of major repairs and renovations. To be blunt, it was a pigsty! Well, my mother is somewhat a dog with a bone when she gets a project underway and she and Dad worked their butts off to get us into the house in time for school to start. My sister and I always knew someone else resided there with us, but, whomever it was was never a huge bother. More often than not, the kitchen chairs were moved around and pulled away from the table, nothing serious. My Ma just kept blaming us, which we thought was hysterical.

One day I was heading upstairs to do some homework and I had just made a fresh tea to take with me. The stairs made almost a U shape. Three steps, small landing, 8 steps larger landing and then the last 7 steps going upstairs. Well, I made it part way up the second set of stairs and that was when I noticed, the lighting was very different. I started to take in my surroundings and realized that I wasn't holding a tea cup in my hand, but it was a candle holder, black in colour with one white candle in it. I no longer had my jeans on, but a full length brocade dress. Very dark red, with gold trim on the bottom. I did not look at the top. I looked up and the really nasty red white and blue wallpaper that my mother was in the process of removing was gone. In it's place was a very soft cream coloured paper, with little pink and blue flowers on it. And, to boot, there was three candle holders going up the walls with again, white candles burning.

Needless to say........I FREAKED! I hollered for my mother, who came running. I slopped my tea all over my and cause a really bad burn, requiring a trip to the doctors. My mother thought I had lost my mind, my father scoffed at me, and my sister was a bit miffed that she didn't get to see it!

Now, here is the best part. As my mother continued her stripping of that hall, she had to go through layers and layers of paper. And there came a time when she hollered for me!!! The day she found my "fictitious" wallpaper! I think I positively glowed when I was proven right. It did also ease my mind to know that I really wasn't crazy. I only wish that I had taken more time to observe my surroundings a bit more. I think it would have been amazing!

I hope this fits in with your spirit section. I only wish I could tell you who my spirit was!

Brightest blessings to you and your family.


I was in the mountains with my friend's family. We took a lot of pictures. When we got back home we decided to look through all the pictures. One of the pics of me and my friend had a green face in between us. I was so freaked out. It was a man that I had ever seen before. One of her mom's friends is like a psychic or something, so we gave her the pic and she said that it was an evil spirit and that we have to do a spell to get rid of it. At first I didn't believe her so I ignored it and spent the night at my friend's house. And the creepiest things were happening, like the cabinets in her kitchen were opening and closing by themselves and the lights were going on and off, plus more things like someone trying to break in!! We were so scared, we were home alone too and that was when I was about 13 years old.  So of course we decided to do the spell and after that it was all over.



My Nan always taught me to believe and respect the presence of spirits. And if I get scared my power of seeing spirits would go away. So I believed her. When I was about 11, I started seeing a man walking around my house. He always looked the same and dressed the same. He had a big head and was big. He always wore a suit and had a briefcase. I had been seeing him for about a year and decided to check the history of my home. I figured out that my home used to be offices and from then it all fitted into place. I kept seeing him until I was about 12 and then he disappeared. I often see some people walking and even see the spirits of some people I know even if there not around.

My Nan has recently died, And I am really grateful for what she taught me. I hope I can email more experiences in the future.

Kind Regards,
Shannon x


One of my experiences with a spirit was with my friend and me, we were walking through a grave yard by my home when we saw a tall, black figure, almost like a human, but way too tall and it was moving toward us. This was the first time in my life I was sure I had seen it cause my friend ducked her head into my arm and said, "We need to leave right now!"

We started to walk fast but it still seemed to be the same part away from us. Once we got out of the gate it was gone. It never seemed to want to hurt us, but I never saw the figure again. Me and my friend both saw that it was black. And there were lights around because there are homes all around the graveyard and it was late. A man from my mother's church told us it had to do with my friend and I. I still wonder why we saw it. My friend and I have been through a lot together, but we are close and I can still call her my best friend.

I saw my dad's spirit in my dream once. It was the coolest thing ever. I never got to tell him bye before he died or in the dream. I just wish I could see his spirit again. I miss him so much.

Hi, my name is Hannah. I am thirteen years old and I saw a ghost. I actually don't like calling them ghosts, but instead I would call them spirits. Any way, I was at home cleaning the house with my mom. I was mopping the hallway in front of the door. I looked up at the door to see a huge figure of a man standing in front of me. It looked more like a shadow than a transparent figure and I couldn't see his face. He looked like he could've been a body guard for someone. By the time my mom came to me, he was gone.

My name real name is Maggie and a few mouths ago I prayed to the moon Goddess Dianna. She improved my psychic power. When I really noticed is when I saw a little girl in my bedroom then currently visited by a black figure and a girl. The girl is very happy but the black figure I think he's a man and he's very angry for some reason. They don't really talk to me they just stand there really and I kind of like that.

The first encounter was about two years ago. I laid on my side, facing my wall-my back turned away from the door. I had just hit sleep mode when I heard a scratch on my mattress, and a little girl laughing in the hallway. I asked my sister the next morning if it was her, and she swears on her grave that it wasn't - and that she heard it too.

The second thing, my cat and I were sleeping, when a big *BANG* awoke us. I looked up and saw a silver thing floating in the middle of my room - then it dimmed out. I looked at my cat, and she was looking straight at it with eyes opened wide.

The next few were with my friend and my sister. We were pretending to go to bed so if the ghost was around us, she would wake us up. We were pretending to sleep when we heard a sigh of a girl.

About a few weeks later, we were recording near my attic in my room, because we believed that's where the ghost lived. It is nailed shut, so each time she comes over we try to open it. We tried doing EVP [Electronic Voice Phenomena] and when we played it back, we heard a mans voice say, "What do you want to do, mate?" When we were going to bed that night, a black thing was floating over my friends head. I said, "Hannah, do you see it?" And she said, "That black thing? Yes, I see it!" She made me switch places with her on the bed.

My dad has a house full of Michael Myers masks [rare ones, not cheapos] and some other masks. He has one of a man named Tor Johnson that I have seen kind of.. moving. The jaw moves around and stuff. I also had an American Doll whose head seemed to move when you looked away. She would be facing one way, and then you'd look at her again and she was facing you.

Recently, my grandfather passed away. My father was alone in the house and says he was confused when he heard noises... Two women's voices. He said one sounded like my grandmother, and the other he wasn't sure about. [My grandmother and great grandmother as deceased, that is all on that side of the family. I suspect the other voice was my great grandmother.] He said he heard the ladies talking in my kitchen, so he followed the noise. No windows or anything were open and my dog hid under the table barking and whining. My father tried to coax him out, but couldn't.

I haven't had any more encounters after one night. I was sitting on my bed eating Chex Mix out of the bag and jokingly said to the spirit or whatever, "You can have some if you want..." I went downstairs and came up to find it spilled all over my bed. I guess I got mad and I told it to leave. I practically yelled.

But now I'm beginning to see stuff again, and I'm getting chills telling you about it now. When I was home alone last night, at about 3:00am, [Dead Time, coincidently] I went downstairs for a soda. My dog was whining and barking. All the sudden, I saw a shadow move across the wall, and I heard the sound of something hit the floor. Shivering, I went into the laundry room and a Swiffer box had fallen of the shelf and hit the floor, the lid was off and the Swiffer pads were on the floor. I had just been in there and they were way back on the shelf!

I saw a shadow with my sister a few minutes ago when we went downstairs. When I went down alone while she was upstairs in the bathroom, I saw something looking at me through the window. I could literally feel hot eyes staring at me.

I have seen out of the corner of my eyes someone sitting in a yellow shirt or coat at my kitchen table. At night, I can here noises like pots clashing and stuff. One night, I went downstairs to get a soda [I tend to do that a lot] and I went into the bathroom to pee. I had just flushed the toilet when I heard loud footsteps outside the bathroom door and then I heard my front door jingle. [I have a jingly chain thingy on my door so when someone touches it or opens the door it makes noise.] I opened the bathroom door nervous, and I looked around. Nothing was there.

After my grandfather passed away, my cousin [5 years old] ran into his mothers room at 3:00am and told his mother that my grandfather was talking to him. She asked him about it, like what kind of shirt he was wearing and what he said. My cousin told her he was wearing a red shirt with a pocket in the side, and that's the kind of shirts he wore a lot. He told her he just said "stuff" to him, but mostly to be good and such. Soon after, my sister and I had dreams about my grandfather telling us to be good.

My aunt had woken up one night to voices. She said they were women's voices, and they were talking very loud. She yelled at the voices and said, "SHUT UP!" and they were silent the rest of the night, but began talking the next night.

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