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Healing Pouch for PMS and Cramps

This a healing spell I made. It worked so well for me that I'd like to share it with you! It's a PMS and cramp healing pouch.

You will need:

  • A small pouch

  • A pinch of lavender

  • A hematite gemstone

  • A white ribbon tied in a loop (for purity, and to allow healing energy to flow, but not stray)

  • A pen and a piece of paper.

First you must think about exactly what it is you wish to heal. Write it down using only positive language - so for instance, instead of  writing "I don't want to have period cramps" write "I want to be free of period cramps".

Take the first letter of each word, removing any repeated letters (e.g. IWTBFOPC) and write them down on a small slip of paper. Fold this slip three times to symbolize healing-three-fold and place it, along with the ribbon, the lavender, and the hematite, into the pouch. Carry the pouch around with you until the end of your period and then dismantle it, giving the slip back to the earth, and keeping the other items for use in further spell work.

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About the author of this spell:

Hope you like the spell! My name's Kitty and I'm a philosophy, ethics, and psychology student, which, surprising to some, led me to taking an interest in witchcraft, rather than putting me off! Ha ha! I very recently became an Eclectic Wiccan and I love websites like yours when looking for inspiration. I find it so fulfilling to write my own spells, and a lot of fun! :)

Thank you for the new healing spells section, and I really do hope you like my spell!

Many blessings



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