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Levitation Spell

Contributed by Emmanuel Awuley
Also known as Starhawk - "He who rides the stars"

Do this spell after your fasting for two days.

It may sound crazy but fast and recite these spells for two days without eating anything except herbs and drinking water. You may wash during your fast. (The reason I said you may wash is because in some religions they don't wash during fasting.)

You must burn seven purple candles and four white candles and one black candle to bind the forces that may try to attack you during your journey across the spirit world, but after this you will have abilities like the power to see with your third eye, the power to levitate, and in some cases the power to move objects with the mind or psycho kinesis.

What you need:

~ lavender
~ vervain
~ dragons blood
~ marigold
~ raisins
~ rosemary
~ ginger root
~ dragons blood oil
~ crystal of choice
~ 7 purple candles
~ four white candles

~ one black candle
~ peppermint
~ garlic
~ thistles
~ clove
~ three apple seeds
~ four purple bags
~ cinnamon
~ lemon
~ verbena
~ hops
~ a bell


First perform a cleansing spell.

Then, put a bag together to protect yourself from dream invaders: Drop three apple seeds in the bag and then fill the bag with lavender. Then put together an inner power bag: Put vervain, dragon blood, raisins, rosemary, ginger root, high john oil, and crystal, and put these bags under your pillow and leave them. Then cast a circle. Sit in your circle and chant:

"Little seed with cap so fine
grant me strength and make it mine
make me strong as your sturdy tree
as I will, so mote it be.''

Then meditate.

Then chant:
"Strength of day, strength of night
grant the power beyond my sight''

Then sit and envision gathering energy and chant:
"I am the one, I am the power, this is the time, this is the hour''

Then chant:
I shape, I build the ultimate power
from blooms the perfect flower''

Next cast the spell.

The Spell:
Draw a pentagram on your head - have a glass full of bottled sea water.

Then concentrate and say:

"I invoke the Goddess of earth and love,
She who sees all
and does not fall
Hear me now and open thine eyes to see
O moon of night, star of the sea
I invoke you!
open thine eyes to the world of the unseen
make my senses sharp and keen
open thine eyes to the vine
grant thee power of sight and make it mine
grant thee the fruit if sight
make me see clearer then night
open thy eyes 3 times 3
as I will so mote it be.

Then fast and say prayer:

O most beautiful flower fruit of the vine
splendorous of the universe, blessed mother and maiden, crone of all, immaculate goddess, assist me in my hearts desire-------------state your desire.

Then say the levitation spell:

What you need:
4 white candles
a downed feather

Perform cleansing spell.

Directions for Levitation Spell:

Cast circle and center yourself, hold the feather in your hand, take a moment to feel it with life force, light candle clockwise, sit in a comfortable position, face north and chant 9 times:

"In the light I see
in the dark I am blind
in the world I walk
in the circle I fly.

Then concentrate being light as that feather
then when you have it, blow on the feather then levitate

Be safe and happy bewitching.

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