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Magic Mirror Banishing Spell

Use a magic mirror to capture and banish unwanted spiritual entities. This method is particularly effective for those creatures of the darkness that fear and loathe light.

1. On a bright, sunny day, slowly traverse the infested area, holding the mirror in your hand, tilting it and directing it so that the mirror may capture literally every square inch of the area for at least a few moments each.

2. When you've finished, hold the mirror face down or wrap it in dark fabric.

3. Immediately take the mirror outside and suddenly expose the mirror's face to the sun, for no more than nine seconds. Captured negativity and malevolence are burned out and destroyed. (Capturing the sun's reflection in a mirror is potentially dangerous.)

4. Post protective amulets in the now demon-free area.

5. The area, the mirror, and you yourself all now require thorough spiritual cleansing.

This spell derives from Chinese tradition. The Chinese magic mirror needed for this spell is round, golden and embellished with magical charms and images, but you can substitute any magic mirror.

Copyright Judika Illes, The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts


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