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Ritual of Oneness

Lay down in a dark place in whatever position feels most comfortable to you.
Visualize the darkness surrounding you glowing with a soft golden light.
As you inhale deeply, breathe that light into you and cleanse yourself with it.
See the light removing all impurities and disturbances.
Visualize the problems and disharmonies as a sickly green light.
As you exhale, this light comes forth from your mouth, taking with it all the bad things.
Do this until the light coming from your mouth is only golden.
All the green is gone.
Now, as you continue to breath slowly and deeply, visualize yourself descending a staircase.
With each step you take, feel your consciousness spread out a little more.
When you feel as though you are in tune with your surroundings, come to the bottom of the staircase.
Ahead of you see a long hallway that never stops. Staggered along this hall are doors.
Behind every door is a different peaceful scene.
If you want tranquility, open a door to a tranquil scene.
If you want to do a love ritual, open another door.
Behind it you will feel the love that you will get from your intended.
For wealth, visualize you making money in what ever way, and it will happen so.
When you are ready, slowly walk up the stairs.
You will feel your consciousness returning to normal as you go higher.
You will awake feeling renewed and confidant.

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