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Spell to Stop Gossip


Green and Black Double Action Candle
Controlling Oil
Tarot Cards: Emperor, Justice, Strength
Taglock* of Intended "Talker"

Done on a Saturday or under Waning Moon

Cast your Circle and Call Quarters. Anoint Candle. Place Candle on Pentagram and then Taglock under Candle. Surround Candle with Tarot Cards. Visualize the gossiper shutting up while chanting:

Candle of Power, Candle so Bright
I seek a need of change in your Light
I call on the forces higher than I
to release the energy that is held inside
If words of cruelty be spoken of me
May it return three times three
If words of hate shall disgrace my name
Bring it's sender guilt and shame
By the powers of Moon and Sun
From your lips there shall be none!
So mote it be.

You could also burn this spell on a piece of parchment to give it strength. (Use Dragon's Blood)

Let candle burn until it extinguishes by itself.

* The dictionary definition for "taglock" is: An entangled lock, as of hair or wool. I also read on a site that explained how to make voodoo dolls/poppets: "You may be wondering what in the world a taglock is. Well, quite simply, itís the part of the poppet that links it to the person it represents. This can be hair or nail clippings, the personís signature or name on a piece of paper, body fluids (yes, body fluids!) or even a photograph." So don't write asking me what a "taglock" is. I just told you.

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